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On our last evening in New York, we wanted to grab a few cocktails and a bite to eat before our flight. Gordon managed to (literally) sniff out what was to become one of our favourite meals of the entire trip. Houston Hall was located pretty much right next to our hotel and we had walked past a few times. According to him he could smell steak... I thought it smelt like BBQ. Either way, Gordon was determined we would eat here and we made our way back after a wee bar crawl.

From outside the Houston Hall looks like some sort of old barn or brewery (it's actually an old garage) and the inside is even better. We entered into a gargantuan beer hall with high ceilings, exposed beams, brick walls, stacks of empty barrels and huge long communal wooden tables. The immediate hit of chatter and laughter creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, and makes you feel like you want to plonk yourself down next to some strangers and become best friends. 

Gordon went for one of the speciality Greenpoint Brewery beers, while I quenched my thirst with a "Deck the Halls" cocktail of Jack Daniels Honey & butterscotch liquer, frangelico & spiced up egg nog. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I've never had egg nog and am not really a Jack Daniels fan, but I needn't have worried! It's creamy texture and sweet refreshing taste is exactly how I imagine Harry Potter's butterbeer would taste. (Possibly the geekiest thing I've ever said, but true...)

I had made my food choice before I even entered the building, as I'd spotted the "pulled pork slider" on the specials board outside, and it was spot on! 4 mini buns filled with juicy pulled pork, crispy onions and Barenjager Honey BBQ sauce. I'm actually drooling at the thought.

The menu is quite eclectic but Gordon opted for the "rib eye sandwich melt and chips". Being British, we were surprised when the "chips" were actually what we'd call crisps but they were the perfect accompaniment and one of his favourite meals of the whole trip. We both agreed we'd have to come back next time.

You can visit Houston Hall in New York's West Village at 222 West Houston Street, between Varick and Bedford or find their sister venue the Flatiron Hall at 38 West 26th Street. The Flatiron Hall boasts 2 hour unlimited cocktails for just $10 with Sunday brunch - sounds good to me!

Christy xx

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  1. Hi Christy, the burgers are making me hungry!