Back to Black

The past few Sundays have been spent finding new places to walk our pooch and explore. This week we jumped in the car and headed to Pitfour Lake. February is finally here, and if anything it's colder than January, but at least we got a bit of sunshine to brighten up our Sunday stroll.

I ordered this quilted jacket from the Zara sale the other day and was amazed by the super quick delivery! It just seemed like the perfect casual yet stylish jacket for days like these - it's also available in khaki. I kept the whole outfit casual and black with leather-look trousers, a H&M jumper, my trusty old Hunter wellies and a Made in Dagenham-inspired beehive.

Zara jacket // H&M jumper // Primark trousers // Hunter wellies // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies

We walked around the whole lake and took a bajillion pictures of boats, jettys, trees and swans. Lots and lots of swans...

It's a beautiful setting and I look forward to spending more time here when the temperature goes up a bit!

Christy xx


  1. I absolutely LOVE that jacket!

  2. Such a cute jacket. I love the way it fishtails at the back.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  3. Where is this beautiful place? I am in the process of moving to Aberdeen ..

    1. It's about an hour away from Aberdeen, near a little village called mintlaw! X