Flesh & Buns

Friday night was theatre night for us on our trip to London. We were going to see Once at the Pheonix, so naturally we needed some sort of pre-theatre dinner! We had heard good things about Flesh & Buns on Earlham Street, handily located in between Covent Garden and Shaftesbury Avenue.

Mine was the lychee and pomegranate martini - any drink with lychee in it gets a yes from me! After much deliberation we ended up ordering a couple of small dishes to start, the edamame and tempura pumpkin, both of which were delicious! Although you'd think I didn't like them the way I kept pinging the beans into the air... oops. I wasn't sure what to expect from the pumpkin but it was sweet with a light crispy coating and a fresh citrus-y dip.

For our mains we had... flesh and buns, duh. Our waitress recommended 2 buns each and 1 "flesh" between 2. However, seeing as Laura is vegetarian and fish wasn't floating my boat, we completely ignored her and ordered the crispy piglet belly as well as the salmon teriyaki.

The buns were light and fluffy, although a bit messy when they fell apart in my hands. I am no master of chop sticks either so I'm pretty sure I was wearing more food than I'd eaten, but hey I still enjoyed it! The piglet belly tasted amazing - the crispy outside had the perfect crunch and the meat in the middle fell apart in my mouth - but it was just far too much for me. Should of listened to the waitress. Especially when I had my sights set on dessert.

Luckily I had saved that extra space in my belly for this - the star of the show! S'mores were our first choice of dessert and man were we not disappointed. A big stone pit of fire was brought to our table along with the marshmallows, biscuits and green tea chocolate. We melted the marshmallows over the flames before sandwiching them between the biscuits. The chocolate melts and mixes through the mallow, oozing out the sides and all over my chin.


And, never one to miss out on a good thing, we also ordered the Kinako donuts. The black sugar custard was (probably) sent from heaven and the pastry was crispy and not the soft doughyness I'd expected, but it worked.

If you're ever around Covent Garden at dinner time I can't recommend Flesh & Buns enough! Tasty and fun. It was possibly one of the messiest meals I've ever eaten but every part of it was spot on. The fact that we saw David Mitchell on our way out was just the icing on the cake! ;)

Have you ever been?

Christy xx


  1. I've never been here but it looks amazing! Especially the dessert xxx