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Anyone that knows me knows that I'm forever trying failing to stick to a healthy, clean eating lifestyle so when The Good Life Eatery popped up on my instagram feed I added it to my list of places to visit in London straight away. On our first morning in the city we jumped on the tube to South Kensington and took the short walk to Sloane Avenue ready to fuel up for a busy day playing tourist.

The first thing you notice about the Good Life Eatery is the size. You could quite easily miss it if you weren't looking, but then you'd be drawn back by the glimpse of organic low gluten, wheat free, vegan treats staring at you from the window. Who said healthy eating had to be boring? You order at the counter before taking a seat and the waitresses will bring the food to your table. I'd expected the cafe to be buzzing with Saturday morning brunchers but we were bright and early and among the first to arrive. 

So we ordered the whole menu. (Not really.) Laura enjoyed a spelt and quinoa scone with jam, while I chose the homemade granola bowl and green tea to kick start my day. The granola is served with fresh berries, coconut, honey and your choice of greek or dairy free coconut yoghurt. I struggled to finish the whole bowl - it doesn't look much but is surprisingly filling and unsurprisingly tasty!

Above photo taken by Laura

And I didn't stop there. I'm a sucker for a hyped up product so, despite being ricidulously overpriced, I couldn't resist trying one of the cold pressed juices on offer. This time I opted for "Dr Green Love" - if you're going to try a healthy juice you might as well go the whole hog and find the greenest one you can! It smells disgusting but thankfully the coconut and green apple overpowers the taste of spinach and kale so it was actually sweet and easy to drink. Cold pressing fruit and veg apparently means that more of the natural vitamins and minerals are maintained than in a normal blending action, so they're even healthier than your usual juices/smoothies.

Last, but definitely not least, I picked up some peanut cups. Oh.My.God. Basically a Reese's peanut butter cup without all that extra unhealthy sugary shit. I can't live without peanut butter so these are right up my street. I even went back on our last day in London so I could get some to take home! They actually didn't have any left out on display that day but quickly made some up for me along with their "sport bites". I'm desperate to try the chia seed pudding as well as it looks amazing, but I somehow don't think that would of survived in my suitcase very well.

Everything in The Good Life is as natural as possible, including the LA-inspired decor; apparently the tables are even made from reclaimed scaffolding. We desperately need something like this in Aberdeenshire. It would make my life 100 times easier if I could just nip into a local cafe and grab a "Clean + Lean Bowl" for lunch! Hopefully the trend will catch on and a similar concept will appear nearby, otherwise I'll have no choice but to up sticks and move to London.

You can find the Good Life Eatery at 59 Sloane Avenue, London. Have you tried anything similar?

Christy xx

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  1. You are so right! We need something like this up here in Scotland!!