Foodstory Cafe

I first heard about Aberdeen's Foodstory Cafe when they offered up a prize as part of Sarah & Euan's 10 Weeks To Make A Difference challenge and was intrigued by their selection of dairy, wheat, gluten free etc. They were doing a vegan challenge for the whole of March. When they got Laura's seal of approval I knew we were onto a winner and dragged Gordon along yesterday for lunch.

Despite the steamed up windows the cafe is warm and inviting as you enter and are met with the shabby chic interior and a selection of jams, eggs and other goodies in the center. Sandwiches are kept in the fridge to the left so help yourself and then head to the counter where you can choose from a huge range of salads, soups, wraps and cakes. We made our choices and sat on mismatched chairs at the end of a long wooden table laden with pretty floral displays. 

The vegan challenge is clearly making the owners of Foodstory broaden their horizons; there was so much choice! I'm in no way vegan, or even vegetarian, but as someone who's trying to eat as healthy and naturally as possible I really appreciated the selection. Gordon had a toasted gammon sandwich with an amazing looking salad, which I forgot to take a photo of, oops. I got way too over excited when I spotted a rye bread sandwich and grabbed it before I'd even finished reading what was in it!

Turns out it was avocado, sun dried tomatoes, hemp seeds & salad - even better! I also had the chickpea and sweet potato soup which was really filling and full of flavour, with a bit of a spicy kick. Usually I struggle to go for a healthy option when I eat out but Foodstory made it so easy for me. I really hope they keep some aspects of the challenge once it's over.

But of course we couldn't resist the temptation next to the till. We washed down our lunch with green tea and "mad mochas" and finished off with a cake each.. Gordon had the peanut crunch (which I stole half of!) and I treated myself to a vegan chocolate cake. I have no idea what makes it vegan but it tasted amazing and just as good as any other "normal" chocolate cake I've had.

Just look at it! I loved everything about The Foodstory Cafe & will definitely head back in the future to try more of their soups and salads. Who am I kidding? More of the cakes! You'll find the cafe at 15 Thistle Street away up the top end of Union Street. Don't worry it only took us about 5 minutes to walk there from the Trinity, it's not as far as it sounds! Plus you can always take a break in Cruise... ;)

We spent the rest of our afternoon shopping in the city centre and having a mooch around the international and farmers markets. I always make the mistake of going to the markets after I've eaten. Next time I'll need to plan ahead and go with an empty stomach. At least then I won't be missing out on these bad boys...

What did you get up to this weekend?

Christy xx

* To the girl that spoke to me at the market - I'm sorry if I seemed rude! You took me by surprise but made my day :) x


  1. Wow, this all looks fantastic! That sandwich sounds incredible xx

  2. Foodstory is a wee hidden gem. Love their whole ethos and pleased to be a tiny part of their success thanks to being one of their crowdfunders. I'm a big fan of the Peanut Crunch too.