The Adelphi Kitchen

When news started to spread that Aberdeen's La Stella restuarant was to close and be re-opened as The Adelphi Kitchen - a charcoal cooked meat and seafood restaurant - it's safe to say I got pretty excited. I followed their progress on facebook and knew I'd be visiting the minute they opened their doors to the public. They've brought something new and exciting to the Aberdeen foodie scene and I couldn't wait. 

We arrived early for our booking last Friday but the staff were happy to accommodate us and seated us straight away in a cosy corner. The decor is all wooden, shabby chic style, with reclaimed scaffolding boards as shelves piled high with cookbooks (mostly of the BBQ persuasion), lights hanging low from the ceiling (yes, I did bash my head) and a huge blackboard covering one wall to feature their daily specials. The friendly waiting staff brought us drinks while we perused the menu. They didn't have a cocktail menu available but quite happily mixed me up a cosmo, no bother.

After much deliberation we were ready to order. Gordon chose the "hog mac n cheese with crispy bacon crumbs" to start. I'm not a huge fan of mac n cheese but I have to admit this looked and tasted amazing. Best mac n cheese I've ever tried! 

I couldn't decide between the Shetland mussels or "Tongue & Cheek" - slow braised beef cheek with crispy beef tongue. As I was having meat for my main course, the waitress persuaded me to go for a seafood dish to start. Good advice but in hindsight I wish I'd chosen one of the specials. Don't get me wrong, the mussels were lovely - although slightly messy, but a finger bowl was provided! Usually when I order mussels they're accompanied by some sort of bread to soak up all the flavours but these weren't. I felt like all that garlicy, creamy cider was going to waste and I didn't really get to eat any of the pancetta either! A great flavourfull dish that I didn't get to enjoy properly.

That's my one and only complaint from our entire experience at Adelphi so I'd say they're doing well! Moving on... For main Gordon picked the Adelphi Kitchen beef burger. An aged beef burger topped with smoked brisket, salad, slaw & house pickles in a brioche bun, alongside triple cooked chips & BBQ mayo. Holy sh*t. Even Gordon struggled to finish this beautiful beast of a burger. And just look at those chips - perfectly crispy on the outside but nice and fluffy inside. 

I'd of chosen the same if it hadn't been for "Cured, slow cooked and slow smoked pork shoulder". They had me at "pulled". If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would definitely be pulled pork, but this pulled pork in particular. It was swimming in smoky BBQ juices and the meat practically melted on my tongue. Heaven on a plate. The dish is served with 2 sides of your choice, so I had chosen the triple cooked chips (obviously) and charcoal greens.

The greens were a mix of leaves, broccoli, courgette and lemongrass cooked "dirty" on Adelphi Kitchen's very own open pit BBQ charcoals. Healthy has never tasted better. They also made me another cocktail to go with my meal. The cosmo was spot on but I fancied something a bit different, and without the help of a menu to choose from I couldn't think what I wanted. In the end I asked for some sort of fruity martini and they whipped up their take on an orange and peach daquiri. I seriously hope this is going to be on the cocktail list when it appears, it was amazing!

Gordon was suitably stuffed after his monster burger but after all that I still couldn't resist dessert. I ordered the PB&J. Two spoons. A tower of warm peanut butter cookies was presented to us with vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched in between and a raspberry fruit pastille on the side. Another perfect dish, and just the right size between us to finish off our meal.

The service and food at Adelphi Kitchen was outstanding - I've told everyone to try it out ASAP! They serve lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday but apparently they're already fully booked for the next 3 weekends, so you'll have to be quick! E-mail for reservations. 

The name Adelphi comes from the Greek word adelphoi, meaning "brothers". *Wikipedia

Actually I think the restaurant is just named after the street it's located on (Adelphi Lane) but just a little "food" for thought ;)

Christy xx


  1. That looks like an amazing Mac & Cheese!! And those chips! I can feel my mouth drooling already. NOM x

  2. I've read today on the news that the police shut it down?!

  3. Great review, thanks - I was in two minds to take my dad & his pal here when they visit at the weekend. Table is booked, you had me at Pulled ;0)