Bos'n: Birthdays & BBQs!

Today is my birthday! I'm the grand old age of 24 (going on 64) and have spent most of my weekend celebrating expanding my waistline in Aberdeen. Thursday night we attended the launch event of Union Square's new Thaikhun restuarant, Friday evening was spent at the Carmelite for dinner, followed by a rum-fueled evening of cocktails at Bos'n and recovering with some tasty goodies from Mario's BBQ pit on Saturday afternoon. I'm doing things a bit back to front as I wanted to share the Bos'n BBQ on the blog while you still have the chance to get down there!

& Other Stories dress // Lulu Guinness clutch // Carvela shoes

Originally we'd planned to just have 1 drink at Bos'n on Saturday night before heading to a few other bars, but we ended up staying. The bartenders really put on a show with their skillful cocktail making - shaking, stirring and setting things on fire! - I don't even need a drink here I could just watch them do their thing all night.

I wish I could tell you what half these cocktails are but these guys know their sh*t and I tend to just leave it up to them to work their magic. They'll ask which spirits you like? Do you like it short or tall? And somehow they get it spot on and amaze me every time! Their Caribbean Iced Tea is Gordon's new favourite. 

It was hard to tear ourselves away from the fun at Bos'n but we headed for a night cap at their sister bar The Tippling House and then finally found our way back to the hotel around 2am! The next morning was a little rough - for Gordon especially! Unfortunately I had to find someone else to be my date for lunch...

Kidding, he perked up when I reminded him we had a BBQ to get to! Mario's BBQ Pit is set up in the Academy Courtyard for the weekend (yesterday and today only!) and the smoky smell filling the air will make your mouth water. Don't worry about the weather, the bbq is covered and you can sit inside the Bos'n bar to keep dry... or just bring your umbrella!

A little rain ain't getting in the way of me and my food! The sea bass in banana leaves looked amazing but the burgers were a no brainer! A huge, juicy aged Aberdeenshire beef burger with lettuce, tomato, fries and an extra side of carbs for me. The rosemary focaccia was a random choice but it just sounded too good to pass up on, especially dipped in oil. Full of flavour and perfectly fluffy on the inside - it helped soak up the rum from the night before! My rum swizzle was a pretty good hair of the dog too.

In case you can't tell, I got far too over excited and ate half of it before I remembered to take a photo! So not like me. The staff at Bos'n greet you like old friends and you'll forget you've never actually met before. This is definitely my favourite spot in Aberdeen at the moment, I want to move in! Rye & Soda will hopefully be opening downstairs in the not so distant future...

Get your backsides down to Bos'n quick though - the BBQ ends at 9pm tonight! The usual Bos'nacks are still available to order too. (I recommend the lamb quesadillas!) You can reserve a space by e-mailing or just nip in past and hope you get lucky :)

How was your weekend?

Christy xx

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