Aberdeen | The Carmelite Hotel

The Carmelite is a fairly regular haunt for us - we've had some great experiences here, as well as one not so great, but that's never deterred us. Gordon was craving his favourite St Mungo's beer, and the Carmelite is the only bar in Aberdeen that serves it, so that was it, decision made. Plus it's a hotel so we could rest our weary (drunken) heads at the end of the night too!

I'd show you Gordon's beloved beer but my Flaming Love Potion was much prettier. Yep, I actually had to ask someone for that... better than sex on the beach I suppose. The passion fruit concoction tasted delicious, even if the stemless glass was a bit awkward to hold to begin with! Seeing as it was my birthday we went all out with an epic 3 courses.

My haggis, neeps and tatties starter was epic and I loved the unusual presentation. Haggis bon-bons, potato and swede cake with chilli mayo. I'll be expecting my Burns suppers like this from now on! Gordon enjoyed a tasty, well presented prawn cocktail, followed by steak.

My posh fish and chips didn't look even slightly posh but tasted gorgeous. The salt n pepper squid and king prawn were good if a little random. Best part of the dish was definitely the proper home made chips though!

I washed it down with another cocktail while I prepared my second stomach. (The one we reserve for pudding, you know you have one.) The pictures don't do the "Smoking Jam" cocktail any justice. Actual smoke is released when you peel back the lid of the jam jar and you can taste the smoky maple flavour throughout the sweet drink. If I was posh I'd describe it as "smoky undertones". But I'm not. Anyway, the point is, try one of the smoking cocktails! I'd love to see how they're made next time.

You'll be amazed to know Gordon didn't have sticky toffee pudding... he had stick toffee pudding sundae. I don't think it compared to the last one he tried in Aberdeen though, unfortunately The Albyn wins that competition. My vanilla creme brulee was ace with it's buttery shortbread and berry compote. I've had this every time we've visited so can highly recommend! 

The live music at the Carmelite is one of my favourite things about the place. It makes for a perfectly relaxed, yet sophisticated evening. If you're staying in Aberdeen I'd highly recommend the Carmelite Hotel. It's a stylish, contemporary place with everything under one roof! Our bedroom was beautifully decorated and super comfy, the meal was lovely and the friendly breakfast service is one of a kind! If you're looking for something a bit more upbeat they also do quirky afternoon teas, Mad Hatter's tea parties and even have a "Waltzer" seat which turns around your table. I imagine it'd make me feel sick but each to their own!

Have you ever been to The Carmelite?


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  2. Sounds like a lovely place! There's nothing better than some live music while you eat, especially with a few cocktails. I'm so intrigued by the smoking jam one!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes