George at Asda hat // Primark jumpsuit // H&M sandals // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses

I've always fancied a big floppy sun hat. Other people always make them look really good, yet I feel ridiculous when I try one on. Probably because most of them are too small for my massive head... This one was grabbed in Asda at the last minute for a "beach" themed fancy dress party but I actually quite like it. I still feel ridiculous in it but I've decided I don't care. Plus it goes with my new jumpsuit! Whenever the sun appears (once a year) I suddenly realise that I have normal clothes or I have summer holiday clothes, but no summer in Scotland clothes. This jumpsuit is the solution to all my problems! It has thin straps so I can get some colour on my shoulders (usually a pretty shade of lobster!) but still covers me up enough to keep me warm in the breeze. At the same time I bought a navy sun dress and this week my navy Converse arrived from Cloggs. Navy seems to be my thing...

Hows your summer wardrobe looking?

Christy xx


  1. This jumpsuit looks amazing on you girl! xx

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