The Art of Eating Well

Over time my bookshelf has built up a wee collection of clean eating guides and recipe books. It started with James Duigan's Clean & Lean Diet, then his Clean & Lean Diet Cookbook, I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson, the more recent I Quit Sugar For Life and the more well known Honestly Healthy. They're all great books with great fundamentals at heart, abundant in nutritional advice and recipes. However, none of these have inspired me to get in the kitchen as much as this one. My new food bible... "The Art of Eating Well" by the gorgeous Hemsley sisters.

Proving that dessert can be guilt free: 100% natural sticky toffee pudding, with no gluten, wheat or refined sugar! The sauce is made from dates and  butter, that's it. Even Gordon (the sticky toffee expert) loved this clean version! I made banana "ice cream" to go with it - just chopped banana, frozen and then blended. You can add anything to your ice cream to make different flavours... I'm thinking peanut butter!

Acai berry breakfast bowl - basically a smoothie of frozen raspberries, banana, avocado, acai powder & water. I topped mine with flax seeds, bee pollen & more berries.

Cinnamon & Raisin Cookies. Whipped up a big batch in about half an hour on Wednesday night and shared them with Gordon, my PT and my workmates. *Top tip - distract your PT with healthy treats & he'll be too busy munching away to be mean to you! ;) 

Pep up turmeric tea! Gordon's been full of the cold & doping himself up on lemsips, throat sweets & painkillers. Not good in my book! I made him this tea - a mixture of lemon juice, honey, ginger, turmeric & cayenne pepper - and described it as a homemade lemsip to make him drink it. He didn't exactly enjoy it but I think it's working... 

Steak with mustard leek sauce. I swapped the watercress salad for grilled asparagus. The sauce is unbelievably good and so easy - basically just fry the leeks in the juices from the steak & mix through a tbsp of dijon mustard, salt, pepper & a splash of water. So good that we'll probably have it again next week.

I couldn't think of a better title for the book. The best thing about the art of eating well, is that they believe in making life easy with a meat & 2 veg principle at the heart of many of their recipes, turning food into an uncomplicated, natural art form. The book is divided into sections - starting with what I'd call an "education" in nutrition and wellbeing - and then filled with recipes for breakfast, soups, salads, sides & snacks, meat & fish, vegetablarians, dressings & dips, baking & desserts and finally, drinks. All the recipes I've tried have been quick, simple & easy to follow - each one is overflowing with health benefits!

Are there any cook books you'd recommend?

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  1. This food all looks gorgeous Christy!!

    I really need to get back into healthy food - I'm now more used to being vegan and finding more vegan foods by the day so I'm hoping to add in some more healthy options. You've reminded me that I used to shake up my breakfast a lot and have exciting things! (now I'm just beans on toast, and porridge!)

    Morag x