Men's Health Survival of the Fittest

Men's Health Survival of the Fittest, Edinburgh... in a word? Epic! 

My second ever obstacle race was a tough one but I loved it. The 10k course was actually 12.5k and felt like it went on forever. We ran up and down so many hills and stairs that I lost count - including the Royal Mile, Jacob's Ladder, Calton Hill & even Arthur's Seat which was an absolute killer! We were treated to some amazing sights of Edinburgh along the course though. At one point we were climbing Arthur's Seat, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, we had a view right across the city with a rainbow above it, which made it more than worth the pain!

Maybe we'd of ran even faster if this guy had been behind us...

The obstacles were well spaced out and pretty intense. As hard as they are, it's kind of nice to break up the running! There was hay bales, monkey bars, cargo nets, a slide, a maze, a tyre squeeze, cones & sand bags that we had to carry on our backs, freezing cold water up to our waists, lots and lots of ridiculously high walls... There was no soft landing on the other side either, just an 8ft drop! My poor knees were knackered by the end of it.

We climbed, jumped and crawled our way around the course. Although we signed up as a big team, I hadn't planned to run the race with anyone in particular. Some of my team mates caught up with me early on and I stayed with them for the rest of the race... it was the best thing that could of happened! The support and encouragement you get from a team is invaluable and I couldn't of done it without these guys! My mind would of given up half way through the never ending tunnel if it wasn't for them. The obstacles themselves were much harder than I'd expected - at the Beast Race I found them more uncomfortable than actually difficult! - but the Survival course is seriously challenging. Luckily my team mates were always on hand to push and pull each other over the obstacles - totally deserving of the Team Epic name, thanks guys!

I was so relieved to see the finish line! We completed it in 1 hour 44 minutes 58 seconds. I'd predicted 1 hour 30 minutes so seeing as there was an extra 2.5k and some really tough hills I'm pretty chuffed with that time. If you get the chance to compete in Survival of the Fittest, take it! Each entrant receives a medal, an event t-shirt and a goody bag full of healthy treats, copies of Men's/Women's Health and, erm, lube... maybe it's good for chaffing? It was so much fun (the race, not the lube!) and you get a seriously smug feeling of accomplishment when you cross that line. 

Even smugger when you get that well deserved drink afterwards...

Have you ever competed in Survival of the Fittest? Would you?

Christy xx


  1. I am extremely proud of you Christy! I would have never been able to do this!!
    P.S: Check my blog you have been nominated in a fun challenge

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