Taming the Beast

10k with obstacles? I can handle that. I've ran 10k before, I can jump, I can climb, other people can help me if I'm too short... That's about all the thought that went into it when I agreed to sign up for the Prime Four Beast Race. Little did I know there was a bit more to it than running and climbing!

We climbed over hay bales, ran up hills, through bogs and trees, jumped over & ducked under ropes, crawled on our bellies through mud, slid down steep chutes, commando crawled through pitch black tunnels and under barbed wire, dove head first into clay pits, trekked through rivers, scaled 12 ft walls and even swam in the loch, dipping under and over pontoons and barrels! Hows that for a weekend workout? It sounds (and was) absolutely horrendous yet I can honestly say it was one of the most fun days I've ever had. That feeling of accomplishment as you sprint over the finish line, freezing, soaking and covered in god knows what, to be greeted by cheers and handed a medal? Epic!

The event was really well organised - the silent disco warm up was one of my favourite parts! There was plenty facilities on site - toilets, showers, indoor cafe, food vans - they had everything covered. All the staff were friendly and happy to help at any moment, making sure everybody was kept safe at each obstacle. £5 from each entry went towards Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland - a charity that even helped to save a woman's life when she suffered a heart attack at the event. Proving that they're a very worthy cause!!  I'm super chuffed with the unusual wooden medal and goody bags, the only thing I'd like to see next year is a t-shirt included in the entry price!

This GoPro video will give you a better insight into the horror we went through.... ;)

Thanks to the race organisers and all my team mates for a brilliant day out and well done to everyone who completed the race! I'm proud to say I tamed the beast and will definitely be back next year. Now bring on Survival!

Christy xx

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