The Chocolate Bar - Ellon

Next dress // Dune boots // Primark bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses

While shopping with my sister I picked up this little navy dress in Next. I had no intentions of buying it, expecting it to be about £40, so when I saw the £24 price tag I couldn't resist! It's a simple easy to wear classic shift. The ribbed material is comfy and casual but I always think a little zip detail gives clothes more of a luxe look. I've worn it with heels & a Chanel bag for a night out with the girls but it looks just as good dressed down! For a stroll around Ellon the other week I styled it down with black tights and boots... anybody else rocking tights already? It's getting chilly guys!

We'd headed to Ellon in the hope of catching the farmers market. We didn't. (I think I got the wrong day!) Instead we strolled along the riverside and had a potter about the shops before stopping for a cuppa to heat us up. Neither of us is that familiar with Ellon but having seen Laura post a yummy looking white hot chocolate photo on her Instagram, we followed suit and headed to The Chocolate Bar...

On the day I started my new diet plan! Who does that? I stayed strong though and just ordered myself a green tea. Gordon on the otherhand had one of those white hot chocolates (as good as it looks apparently!) and the most amazing looking super chocolatey chocolate brownie. Who's drooling on their screen right now?

I resisted those tiny little chocolate buttons on my saucer... but I might of licked the brownie fork.

Have you ever been to Ellon?

Christy xx


  1. I'm so happy about the sudden boom of chocolate bars - there are two near my house already which is brilliant. On the other hand, my chocolate habit really does not need encouraging.. diets can go to hell though :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

  2. Love the dress! Might have to pick myself one up it's so lovely!

    The chocolate brownie looks amazing, the market where I work does the most amazing chocolate brownies ever. It's seriously dangerous! xxx

  3. Such a classy look, I love it! Especially with your hairstyle and shades too, very Audrey Hep :)

    OMG the hot chocolate & brownie got me dribbling just looking at it on my screen, I have no idea how you managed to resist those - congrats!! :D

    C x | Gymbags & Gladrags - a Health & Fitness Blog

  4. Cute boots!