A Póg a day... (Póg Froyo, Dublin)

Breakfast; The most important meal of the day. We had some good and bad breakfast experiences in Dublin, but Póg was my favourite! 

Póg (Irish for kiss!) is a health food cafe specialising in froyo, with a variety of clean/paleo treats on offer. They serve up nutritious smoothies, juices, soups and amazing looking salads with just about any leaf, veg, protein and nut you can think of available. There's also coconut water, Quest bars, almond milk, chia seeds... if it's good for you, they sell it. I loved the bright, clean decor and little speech bubbles on the walls.

It was breakfast time though, so I said no to juice (as good as they sounded!) and opted for a standard green tea and some protein pancakes! Studies have shown that eating protein in the morning keeps you fuller for longer and reduces cravings for rubbish throughout the day, so I always do my best to include some sort of protein in my breakfast. Póg also serve protein porridge but this was definitely a
pancake day.

You can choose any 2 toppings from the selection on the counter to go with your pancakes. Or more for an extra 50c. There's pretty much anything you could imagine - what would you have? Gordon made his healthy breakfast as unhealthy as possible by choosing white chocolate sauce... with white chocolate buttons. As you do! I went for more nutritious options - strawberries, banana and peanut butter. Mmm, peanut butter... 

The small stacks of pancakes didn't look like much but they were actually really filling and tasted so good!  

A happy, healthy start to our second day in Dublin!

Christy xx


  1. This place sounds amazing!! Your pancakes look so yummy. x
    Maria's Adventures

  2. You look happy and glowing love :) Love the jumper also! xx

  3. You look so happy with those pancakes! I do the same grin when I'm about to eat something delicious!
    charliedistracted.com / Bloglovin

  4. Ooh, healthy pancakes - surely nothing beats that for breakfast!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

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