Revolution Cocktail Masterclass

My friends got married yesterday!! We'll be joining them at their dance this weekend to celebrate but today I wanted to share the pre-wedding celebrations... A hen night full of cocktails and nibbles at Revolution Aberdeen...


Revolution is one of the first bars I ever went to in Aberdeen, around 7 years ago... I loved it then and I love it now.

The hen night fell on Hallowe'en weekend so we decided to set a theme and get dressed up for the occasion. In the end a bunch of excited, champagne-fueled superheroes and villains arrived at Rev. 

A couple of friendly bartenders and some yummy strawberry woo-woos were there to greet us. The food pairing aspect of the masterclass was a welcome surprise! Goats cheese bon bons were served with the woo woos and they were a match made in heaven. To be fair, anything with goats cheese wins with me!

Next up was a mojito - a refreshing minty drink complimented by the chilli flavoured breaded shrimp. A classic cosmopolitan was served with nachos and guacamole. We were talked through all the different flavours and how they work together, as well as how to mix each cocktail. Apparently a cosmo should never be shaken but rocked like a baby instead! Who knew?

The Tennessee Mudshake with chocolate bon bons was probably my favourite. Not my usual kind of cocktail but a good idea for dessert!

Now the best part - mixing our own cocktails! We were invited to choose any cocktail from the menu to shake up ourselves, with a little help from the pros. There was a huge variety of drinks being rustled up - Absolut Passion, Sweetshop, Amaretto Sours... I went for a Pornstar Martini! 

Passion fruit and prosecco make me happy! 

We got to play behind the bar a bit more, playing dominoes with shot glasses and having a race to see who could make their cocktail fastest - resulting in the bride and her bridesmaid downing chilli shots. It was a great day with a great bunch of girls, great hosts and even greater cocktails.

Our package included nibbles afterwards and we were treated to a huge platter of bruschetta, bread sticks, mini battered fish with tartare sauce, cajun chicken, pizzas and fruity mousse desserts served in shot glasses. Not bad for £30 each eh?

Afterwards we headed to my faves Bos'n nearby for some flaming sharing cocktails and ended the evening with cheesy karaoke at Cafe Bardot. A brilliant day/night from start to finish and a perfect send off for our bride!

I'd recommend Revolution's Cocktail Masterclass to anybody. Whether it's a hen night, birthday party or any other celebration you'll definitely have a good time!

Christy xx


  1. Pornstar Martinis are my absolute fav! Love this post

  2. I love Revolution, their food, their drinks, their everything! This is such a good hen party idea, and it looks like you had a great time!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

  3. Thank's for your awesome review! You've spent a nice and fun time with your friends, well done! :)
    I also organize the hen party for my sis, it's going to be a special one for her! :)
    Lot's luck and inspiration! :)

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