The Boozy Cow

The other weekend Gordon and I had a little date night. We'd got tickets to see our old faves The Subways at the Tunnels. Last time I saw them was T in the Park 2007 so I was pretty excited to reminisce! We put on our gladrags - a new tuxedo jumpsuit for me...

And headed out for something to eat. I've been dying to try The Boozy Cow since they opened a couple of months ago! I'd heard lots of good things about the new restaurant and seeing as it's right next to the Tunnels it was the perfect time to try it out. The burger craze has been taking over London and the rest of the world for quite a while but as usual, Aberdeen is slow on the uptake. This is the first burger bar to open in the Granite City and it was worth the wait.

The restaurant is dimly lit with neon signs, highlighting the graffiti-d walls and abattoir features  - from the big metal doors, to meat hooks hanging from the ceiling to "blood" splattered on the walls. They've definitely achieved the dirty burger joint look! It's a pretty cool place that you have to see for yourself to appreciate. We arrived around 6pm on a Friday night so had a bit of a wait but luckily they invite you to have a drink in The Illicit Still downstairs until there's a table ready. After about 40 minutes our buzzer went off and I practically skipped up the stairs! 

Cocktails were the first port of call. The drinks menu is short and sweet so there isn't a huge amount of choice. I had a Boozy Punch which was really boozy but still fruity enough for me. Gordon got a Boozy Cow Iced Tea and a nip of Crystal Head on the rocks so he was a happy boozy bunny!

"Let There Be Meat"!

The menu offers loads of burgers, all served pink unless you ask otherwise, various chicken options, salads, a few veggies options and an array of sides. I was torn between a burger and the buffalo chicken dippers... the Green Chilli Cheese Burger won!

Everything is served together on a tray, no plates, just big dirty burgers and lots of kitchen roll. Mine was perfectly cooked, slightly pink and seriously juicy! The kitchen roll was put to good use anyway. The burgers are a good size, but not so big that you can't pick them up. In my opinion the flavours were just right - I'd been worried the jalapeno butter would be too strong but you just get a subtle hint of the flavour. Loved it!

Gordon's maple bacon cheese burger was a winner too - the best burger in Aberdeen I think he said! We shared sides of cheesy fries and a mac n cheese waffle served with house hot cheese and sour cream...mmm.... Both were delicious but the burgers were so filling that we really only needed one side between us.
Heads up for vegetablarians, the mac n cheese waffle is also available as a burger option for you guys!

Last but not least, the piece de resistance... the Reese's Peanut Butter cup deluxe shake! Holy moly. You have not lived until you try this. I watched them whiz these up behind the bar. It's basically peanut butter cups and icecream mixed together but it's so damn good. Oreo versions are also available. If you like to finish off a meal with something sweet, these are perfect. I had no room for a real pudding but eating the peanut butter cup was just the cherry on top of a perfectly dirty date night meal.

This boozy cow will 100% be back for more burgers and booze. The decor is ace, the food was faultless and the staff were super duper friendly and made us feel more than welcome. They even educated me on the origins of Crystal Head... did you know it's owned by a Ghostbuster?!

You can find The Boozy Cow, open 12-late at 24 Netherkirkgate, Aberdeen, AB10 1AU.

Have you paid them a visit yet?

Christy xx


  1. Great photographs - that food looks amazing and woah that milkshake!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

  2. I'm so desperate to try this but my flatmate is a very fussy veggie so I'm waiting for my boyfriend to come up and visit! Since moving up from Glasgow I've always been kind of disappointed in the Aberdeen foodie scene but it's definitely getting better x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. They're definitely improving! If you ever need a meat-eating friend I'm available ;) x

  3. It looks awesome in there! I neeed to try that Reese's milkshake as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. This place looks so cool, I'm pretty sure there isn't one in London though so I can't go to one!

  5. The tuxedo jumpsuit is a slice of heaven. It's totally sexy & sleek. I love it. And that Reese's shake has got me drooling! :] // ☼ ☯

  6. I love your reviews of places to eat, I am thinking I may have to visit Aberdeen soon, possibly just to eat myself silly!

    The burgers look damn good, and being able to pick them up is a big deal. I went to Almost Famous yesterday and picking up my burger just wasn't feasible, and I have huge hands!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench