Dublin: The Leprechaun Museum

So you're in Dublin, it's cold and foggy and you're looking for something to do before the Christmas market starts, where should you go...? The Leprechaun Museum, obviously.

I had read a blog post somewhere about the museum and it sounded like good fun so we decided to fill in a bit of time with the 45 minute tour. But before we could learn all about the leprechauns and Irish folklore, we had to walk a mile in their shoes...

Through the magic tunnel, which shrunk us down to Leprechaun size...

We walked under the Giant's Causeway...

...right into the Giant's house. Luckily he was out so us Leprechaun people could make ourselves right at home.

Those chairs were pretty high and hard to climb, it's a tough life being a leprechaun. We had to sneak out through the fireplace when the giants returned and headed to a much smaller home, where we learned more about Irish storytelling.

The rainbow led us to our pot of Gold and more tales of faeries and other mythical Irish creatures.

The museum is really just a bit of fun but it was quite interesting too. If you're looking for something to entertain you for an hour, it's worth a visit. Don't forget to snap a selfie with Seamus!

Christy xx

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