Aquaspinning with #SHHealthyHabits

SimplyHealth are on a mission to get the nation active and well with their #SHHealthyHabits campaign. They've been running fitness and juicing events across the country with Joe Blogs and this weekend they hosted an Aquaspin class at Edinburgh's Royal Commonwealth Pool. Yes... spinning... under water! Sounds intriguing eh? I went along to see what all the fuss was about. 

There's a few things we needed to clear up first though...

Number 1, what to wear? A swimming costume is all you need and sexy pool shoes are provided. I opted to wear a pair of shorts and a vest too... mainly because I was worried about chaffing or wardrobe malfunctions! Turns out you can't even see anyone under the water anyway so who cares?

Number 2, how the hell do you get the bikes in the water? The floor of the pool actually rises, the bikes are wheeled in and set up for each individual person and then the floor is lowered back down and the pool fills up again so you can swim out to your bike. Impressive eh?

Number 3, will it hurt? I'd had PT the day before and boxing in the morning so my body (especially my glutes!) was in agony already. I was worried how uncomfortable sitting on a bike for 45 minutes with DOMS was going to be but it wasn't actually that bad! You kind of float above the seat and have to force yourself to sit on it properly. It's easier on the joints as the water takes away some of the impact and I didn't feel my usual back pain either!

I've never been spinning before so I had no idea what it was going to be like. You can set your own bike to easy, medium or hard so the class it suitable for any fitness level. I picked medium as I was a spinning newbie but probably could of got away with hard. We cycled slow, fast, sitting, standing... all to some epic 80's and 90's tunes! The interval training was one of the hardest parts but my favourite. My thighs were burning! I expected the jelly legs but I didn't expect to get an arm workout too. We used the resistance of the water to work our bis and tri's! It might of looked like just a bit of splashing about but tricep extensions against the pressure of water is actually pretty hard. Splashing your instructor and classmates is fun though! There's also some ab exercises where you have to lean back so your body's floating in the water, with your hands on the seat and feet still on the pedals. It's called the recumbent position and makes your core work harder to support your body. It's a bit awkward to start with but you get used to it. Our instructor was really fun and enthusiastic which made it a lot easier to enjoy the class too!

I loved it! It was a tough but fun full body workout that burns up to 800 calories per class! The spinning felt really hard at the time but I was chuffed when I woke up pain free the next day. Apparently this is due to the water keeping your body temperature lower so you produce less lactic acid. If you fancy trying Aquaspin at the Commonwealth pool you can view the class timetable here.

What weird, hybrid fitness classes should I try next?!


  1. Ah wow I wish this would come to Aberdeen I'd love to give this a go!

    Hannah xx

  2. Aw I was invited to this and didn't know you were going!! Must catch up soon and glad you had fun ­čśś xo