Dinner at Tigerlily, Edinburgh

I've been wanting to visit Tigerlily for aaages. I booked the restaurant before we'd even booked a hotel for our trip. The Tigerlily hotel is a well known cocktail haunt but I didn't expect it to be so nightcluby when we got there. I'd say it's a place for fashionable, young people but there were older diners there too. Our table was right through the back of the restaurant so it was slightly quieter and we were able to have some sort of conversation over our dinner. 24 going on 60, I know.

The cocktail list is huge. It took about 3 visits from the waitress before I eventually decided what I wanted to drink! I ended up with a Sicilian Sidecar - a classic side car with a blood orange twist. Gordon made his way through the craft beer menu.

Our starters were good! Game terrine for Gordon and Scotch scallop for me. I didn't realise the scallops would come in the form of a scotch egg (how slow am I?!) but it's genius - scallops, black pudding, breadcrumbs and a wasabi and lobster mayo...amazing. Almost as amazing as my main course! Gordon had a fillet steak that he wasn't overly impressed with...

I had the venison. Holy crap. The best thing I've eaten, ever! And I like to eat. The venison fillet is cooked in puff pastry with spinach, red onion, mushrooms, cranberry and pine nuts. The meat literally melted in my mouth. It's served very rare which put me off slightly when it arrived but once I'd tasted it... Oh my God. You have to try it yourself. Don't be put off by the portion size either - it's more filling than it looks!

That's a mushroom, not a slug!

We attempted pudding which, to be honest, was our only real disappointment. Neither of us was too impressed with the chocolate fondant or the mascarpone cheesecake - funny texture, not much flavour. Should of had the fondue!

We wrapped up our dinner with more cocktails. The raspberry mule - which is served in Ketel One kettle! At first we'd felt rushed through the meal, as if they needed our table by a certain time, but the service slowed down by the end. Our waitress was really friendly and helpful with suggestions. She actually forgot about our drinks order but knocked the £15 cocktail off the bill to make up for it, so I'll forgive her! It was worth the wait.

Find Tigerlily at 125 George Street, Edinburgh - 0131 225 5005.

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