JustGiving: Scottish Association for Mental Health

"In Scotland 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem and each day 2 people die by suicide. We work to combat stigma and campaign for better mental health. Help us take positive steps towards a mentally healthy Scotland."

I'm raising money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health. Chances are somebody you know has suffered from mental health problems at some point in their life - depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorders to name just a few. I've signed up for a few races again this year... Aberdeen's Colour Me Rad 5k on 6th June, The Cetco Ythan Challenge on 14th June and The Banchory Beast Race on 26th September. If I'm going to put myself through hell for "fun" then somebody might as well benefit from it! My sister Laura has also signed up for the Colour Me Rad run and she'll be swimming a mile in Loch Lomond this August as part of The Great Scottish Swim! Brave woman - I hope they hand out medals! We'll be cold, wet and ridiculously muddy but it'll all  be worth it if the money raised can make a difference to somebody's wellbeing.

I won't be pestering anyone for money but I will be sharing my JustGiving link across my social media channels. (There's also a wee button added to the sidebar over there --->) That way you can donate if you'd like but there's no pressure! Anything you can afford to donate is going towards a good cause, and would be much appreciated. Every little helps!

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