Breakout Games & Dinner at Maggie's Grill, Aberdeen

Maggie's Grill in Aberdeen has been on my to do list for sooo long! On Sunday I finally got to go there with a bunch of friends, but first we had to race against the clock to escape from a locked room...

Breakout Games is just a 2 minute walk from Union Square, in one of the arches round the corner. We were separated into 2 groups, locked in 2 separate rooms and given one hour to break out by solving puzzles, cracking codes and finding the keys to freedom. I don't want to give too  much away because it was super fun and I highly recommend you try it yourself! 

From the outside Maggie's Grill doesn't look like much. It looks like more of a greasy cafe than a cool soul food restaurant - never judge a book by it's cover! They can only do tables for up to 8 people so we had to book 2 separate tables of 6. My table pretty much ordered the entire menu between the 6 of us... they're my favourite kind of people.

BBQ pulled pork crispy taco bowls.

Maggie's popcorn chicken.

10oz New York strip, served with house pickles, salad, hush puppies and a side of your choice.

Howlin Wolf Chilli with rice, sour cream and cornbread.

Hush puppies.

Crispy onion rings.

Our eyes were bigger than our bellies. I'm not going to bore you with a description of every single item, but basically... everything was epic, go there! Make sure you order the popcorn chicken, chilli (cornbread, yum!) and a side of hush puppies. Don't bother with the onion rings, and go for sweet potato over regular fries. If you like to set your mouth on fire then you'll love the bucket-o-wings with Louisiana hot sauce. The hush puppies seemed to be a bit of a marmite thing, but I loved them! 

 Mars bar brownie.

Pecan pie.

Do NOT skip dessert. I had the pecan pie off the normal menu which was so good! They had a couple of special puddings too - the mars bar brownie and oreo cheesecake. I've seen creme egg cheesecake on their facebook page in the past too!! We tried our best to get a picture of the cheesecake at the next table, but the selfie stick didn't stay still enough....haha. The staff seemed a little overstretched this particular night but couldn't of been nicer! Super food, cocktails and service - well worth the wait!

Maggie's Grill is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday - Sunday at 242 Holburn Street, Aberdeen.


  1. Oh wow, this looks incredible! I'll need to try fit in a visit before I leave xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. You should, it was ace! When do you leave? X