Eating London: Breakfast

I had to try and think of some way to condense all my London foodie posts, so what better way to start than with my favourite meal of the day? Never ever ever skip breakfast. You're missing out if you do. I didn't have time to visit all the breakfast haunts I wanted to - there just isn't enough mornings in a weekend! The 3 I did manage to squeeze into this trip were all fantastic though.

Bluebird Cafe

On Friday morning I pretended I was a proper Sloaney Pony & treated my hair to a blow dry at Duck & Dry on the Kings Road. (Super impressed with the friendly service here - half an hour & £28 later I left feeling fabulous, darling!) Just a hop, skip and a jump away is Chelsea favourite Bluebird. We ducked into the Cafe for breakfast. No sign of Caggie or Proudlock. (Are they even still in MiC? I don't watch it!) Anyway, I opted for a honey roast ham & emental 3 egg omelette and Gordon set the standard for his weekend breakfasts with the "Big bird". (So many bird references in this paragraph.) Washed down with a pot of green tea and a cappuccino for Gordon, we enjoyed the stylish cafe with the sun streaming through the windows.

350 Kings Road, London, SW3 5UU.

Granger & Co

My favourite of the weekend! After a short stroll from Notting Hill Gate station to gorgeous Westbourne Grove, we arrived to a small queue at the door around 9am on Saturday morning. We waited about 15 minutes before being offered seats at the bar or another 30 minute wait for a table. I'd of preferred a table but Gordon isn't big on queuing for food! No matter how much I tell him it will be worth it. The bar was just as comfy though - no dangling short legs!

I love the bright and airy interior here. It's in an affluent, middle-class area of London but is relaxed and not even slightly pretentious. Despite the ever growing queue outside, we were never rushed. They appreciate you giving up your valuable time to queue for the Granger & Co experience and want you to enjoy it at your own leisurely pace.

Gordon was eyeing up other people's plates from the minute we walked in and asked for "what he's got". The Full Aussie didn't disappoint, especially the soft, buttery scrambled eggs. There's plenty healthy, nutritious options here, but I couldn't resist the ricotta hotcakes. I can't even tell you how good the honeycomb butter is. Along with the banana & maple syrup, it was heaven on a plate!

175 Westbourne Grove, London, W11 2SB.


Sketch was never part of the breakfast plans. We'd actually tried to visit for drinks on Saturday night but due to some very loud fois gras protesters, they were only allowing dinner reservations! I was gutted, so we changed our Sunday morning plans from naan bread breakfast rolls at Dishoom, to decadent dining in The Glade at Sketch. 

It was a good choice! Although this was Gordon's least favourite breakfast - his "9 Conduit Street" full English was good, but not very man sized. Bacon powder sounds intriguing, but he'd rather have actual bacon. My granola however was not only a decent sized portion, but a bloody work of art! As is everything at Sketch. 

Every room has it's own theme, and every tiny detail is quirky and fun. It's a place you just have to visit at least once in your life. If the price tag puts you off, breakfast is one of their more cost effective options. You can see the girly pink Gallery across the hall from the Glade and have to walk through it to reach the infamous toilets, which are an experience in themselves. I was expecting the pods after seeing them a hundred times on Instagram but it was still exciting to discover them myself!

9 Conduit Street, London, W1S 2XG.

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