Eating London: Dinner at Bob Bob Ricard

Primark dress / H&M coat / Mulberry mini Lily bag / Valentino Rockstuds not in the picture :(

On Friday night, Gordon and I put our gladrags on and headed out to what is (probably) London's most instagrammed restaurant... the gorgeous Russian/British fusion restaurant Bob Bob Ricard. I like to imagine this is exactly how Gatsby would of dined in the roaring 20's. The place is styled perfectly; leather booths separated by plush curtains, fine crystal glasswear and pink crockery matching the waiters outfits. Their BBR monogram is on everything, even the food!

Of course we had to start with a glass of champagne... There's a button, it would be rude not to!

We decided against starters (I knew what was on offer for dessert) and dipped straight into main courses. Chicken, mushroom and champagne pie for me, filet mignon rossini for him. My pie wasn't as big as it looked and was probably just the right size for a greedy peach like me. Gordon's beef was cooked perfectly rare as he likes it, but he wasn't a fan of the fois gras. It took us a minute to remember what it was actually! We shared a side of french fries and one of carrots and parsnips roasted in beef dripping, honey and thyme. Just like Christmas!

We mulled over dessert choices, cocktails in hand. I can't remember what cocktails we had, but they were good and I guess that's all you need to know... I was distracted by food as always and totally judging Gordon on his choices. Chocolate fondant?! Pfft. We shared the BBR Signature Chocolate Glory and the Dulce de Leche creme brulee instead. I'm only ever this bossy when I know best...

Which is ALL of the time. An epic orange infused creme brulee and this little beauty were presented to our table...

A golden sphere of chocolate, which melts in the middle and falls apart as the waiter pours a hot chocolate sauce over the top. Inside is a jumble of chocolate mousse, brownie, raspberries, passionfruit and orange jelly - everything that is good in a dessert. So much excitement for this! Like Christmas, again. 

You know you want it.

1 Upper James Street, Soho, London, W1F 9DF.

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