SAMH: The Cetco Ythan Challenge

Towards the end of last year I started taking part in obstacle course races. This year I decided to do them again but to raise money for charity. I chose the Scottish Association for Mental Health for personal reasons, and so far I've managed to raise £310 - thank you to every single person who has donated so far!

My first race was this time last week. The Ythan challenge is a 11k-ish course with mud, obstacles and a few dips in the freezing cold river! There wasn't as many obstacles as some of the races I've done before, and they weren't as hard either, but it turns out it was actually more like 13.5k (according to one of the marshalls) which means lots and lots of running. I suck at running so I still found the race pretty challenging! I ended up with 2 friends from the gym which helped me keep going even though my legs felt like giving up. My goal was to complete it in an hour and a half and I managed to finish in 1 hour 28 mins, which I'm quite pleased with.

Anyway, I took my GoPro along on the day and filmed this video, so if you fancy seeing how I got on give it a watch!

You get such a buzz when you reach the finish line and collect your medal! I'm a firm believer in using exercise to maintain good mental health - endorphins and all that jazz! - and the Ythan Challenge was lots of fun. If there's any OCRs near you, I recommend you sign up and get training, it'll do wonders for your health and self esteem.

To donate to SAMH through justgiving you can click here or text "CBMH83 £amount" to 70070. Every penny counts and I am so grateful for all the support I've had so far - roll on the Beast Race in September!

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