A New Home

I can't believe it's almost a month since Gordon and I picked up the keys to our new home! It still hasn't really sunk in that we're officially homeowners. To be honest, buying a house wasn't in our plans for this year. Don't get me wrong we'd been saving for a deposit and browsing online but didn't expect the right house to come along so soon. It's the only one we ever viewed in person! Most people will probably think we're mad but it just ticked all the boxes and we couldn't get it out of our heads. We definitely would of regretted it if we'd missed out! We're still waiting on furniture arriving so I don't think it'll feel real for a while - I feel like I'm just sleeping over at somebody else's house! It's the most grown up thing I've ever done and is both exciting and scary all at the same time. 


The kitchen was one of the main reasons I fell in love with the house. I'm a total foodie and love spending time in my kitchen; cooking, eating, just sitting around a table with family and friends... There's plenty room for that here. We bought the fridge freezer, stools and a couple of recliners from the previous owners and they also left their dishwasher and wine fridge! There's a pantry off to the side, a double oven perfect for my big cook offs and an island in the middle. At the moment we eat at the island and have the recliners in front of the TV to make a relaxing wee family area. Eventually I'll get a great big dining table to fill that space so we can do dinner parties and a big family Christmas! Although we did also consider how good a corner sofa would look there... Our one bedroom flat had a tiny kitchen with no room for a dining table, so this is a big step up!

 Hanging Heart - Next (similar)

Master Bedroom

Our bedroom is also a serious upgrade from the flat! There we shared a double wardrobe, one bedside table and barely had enough room to walk around the bed. Now we have built in mirrored wardrobes right across the room, plenty space for a kingsize bed, two bedside tables and a chest of drawers... and still a decent amount of floor space! Our bed is on order and will hopefully be here in the next week or two, but for now I'm just enjoying the wardrobes.

 Carrie Bradshaw print - Etsy
 My Kardashian inspired fitness wardrobe ;)

Living Room

I can't wait for cosy winters in front of the fire place!! The granite brickwork actually goes further along the wall and then sticks out slightly to create a little corner where our TV will probably go. I'm a bit unsure of that extra bit but love the fireplace itself as it's a really great feature to have in a room. Both Gordon and I love the copper homeware trend at the moment so that's a boost too! We've ordered a French Connection sofa from DFS which will hopefully arrive next week and make our house start to feel more like a home. The back of the house has been extended quite a lot so there's a step up to another space in this room. It's a little bit random and we're not really sure what to do with it to be honest. The last owners had their dining table there but I feel like I'd miss out on all the fun if my guests were seated there while I'm cooking in the kitchen. So far all it's been used for is overexcited new homeowner somersaults... "So much room for activities!"

Before ---> After. (Dulux Feature Wall in Urban Obsession)
Metal jug - B&Q // Personalised dog print - Gift // Globe lamp - ASDA

We were fairly lucky that the house doesn't need much done to it at all, just cosmetics. And even then there's not actually anything wrong with it, it's just the odd bit of colour that isn't our taste. The lime green back porch was painted white on day one! Our living room was second in line for a mini makeover and the spare rooms are next. Gordon's already painted over the floral wallpaper in the box room but I'd like to change the blue carpet at some point down the line as well. We'd better paint over the Celtic themed spare bedroom before my brother comes to visit! 

I'll maybe post some home updates as we go along, if anybody would like to see them? Also, let me know your favourite places to shop for homeware. My love for marble plant pots and copper light shades is growing fast!!

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