SFN Expo 2015

Today is national Fitness Day, so what better day to write about my experience at the SFN Expo. For those of you who don't know, SFN is a Scottish sports, fitness and nutrition expo held in Glasgow's SECC. It's only in its second year but is already a fairly big event, attracting top athletes, nutrition experts and general fitness folk from all over the world. 

I only managed to get down for the Sunday, meaning I missed seeing Saturday's UKBFF Scottish Grand Prix... stupid work! Anyway, August had been a really shitty, stressful month and I'd done nothing but eat crap and even lost my gym mojo... so I wasn't really all that fussed about the expo by the time it came round. We decided to head down anyway as it was a chance to get away and spend some time with family down in Glasgow too.

The expo was held in a smaller hall of the SECC and was full of stands selling gym gear, protein supplements, coconut oils, nut butters, OCRs and everything in between. It catered for all types of fitness/health interests, and wasn't all muscle bound, steroid using, half naked men. There was a strong female presence which is apparently uncommon at these type of things, so good on them getting the ladies involved! While some of the stands were good to see, I wished that there was less sales/marketing and more actual fitness. We did see some of the Strongman competition, Crossfit games, Protein Pow workshops, Eddie Hall's deadlifting workshop and the 100 rep challenge, but there wasn't really that much opportunities to get involved and get your sweat on. It would of been nice to get a workout in while we were there!

I paid extra for VIP tickets, which gave us earlier entry (which we didn't use, because I was more interested in breakfast), a Gym Shark t-shirt and a "goody bag" which only contained some Jodie Marsh caffeine pills...? There was apparently a VIP area where you could go to grab a seat and chill out but I never did spot that. We did however get a bottle of Lucozade at the door and the t-shirt is good quality. Although I find it strange that the SFN logo isn't on it, but maybe that's just me. A couple of stands gave us t-shirts too (one for posing for a photo & the other for completing a kettlebell challenge) and Gordon scored some protein samples with his ProMixx.

My favourite part of the day was definitely the nutrition seminars. We managed to fit in talks from Ru Anderson (Starting Fat Loss: 3 Key Steps to Success), Scott Baptie (Biggest Nutrition Mistakes & How to Avoid Them) and my favourite podcast host Ben Coomber (How to Build a Diet From the Ground Up). All 3 were informative, straight to the point and a bit of a reality check. Scott's part on clean eating made me laugh but he was bang on (what I consider clean eating is very UNclean to others, and vice versa) and Ben got me thinking about my goals - picking ONE that is actually important to me, and staying focused on it.

I was chuffed to hunt down Ben Coomber for a photo op, got to spend some time with Amey from Teacups & Buttondrops and also grabbed 5 minutes with Lucy Doyle, the woman behind the SFN Sisterhood. (A facebook group made to support and encourage all women in the fitness world, look it up!) I'm glad we went in the end and I'd definitely go back. As the expo is only in it's 2nd year I imagine they'll be listening to feedback to make it bigger and better each year. I left feeling inspired, ready to make some changes and excited to get back in the gym again!

Sorry for the rubbish iPhone photos!

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