Burr & Co, Edinburgh

A happy accident. Three little words to sum up our visit to Burr & Co in Edinburgh. On the morning of Gordon's abseil we needed to find somewhere that served breakfast early. We strolled along George Street the evening before, checking out opening times everywhere from The Dome to All Bar One but nobody opened before 9am. Eventually Gordon spotted a big "OPEN FROM 7AM" sign on the door of a shiny looking cafe. We didn't bother to look for a menu at the door, thinking we'd be clever and look online! In the end we couldn't even find them on Google but it was the only place we knew of and we made a beeline for Burr & Co in the morning...

We arrived to a warm but slightly flustered, almost surprised, welcome. I was too busy drooling over the marble table tops and black and white flooring to think much of it. It wasn't until we went to place our order that we realised what was going on... that big sign on the door actually said "Opens Monday 19th October". And here we were on Sunday 18th, through the door before they'd barely even switched a light on! The staff were more than happy to have us though and explained as this was their soft launch period we'd enjoy a cheeky 50% discount on our order. Then the till wouldn't work so they told us just to enjoy our breakfast on the house! Happy days! (I felt bad and was so impressed with the customer service that I left the money on the table for the girls anyway.)

Gordon devoured the prettiest bacon roll I've ever seen. I asked for porridge but (seeing as they were just through the door themselves!) it wasn't ready and so I opted for granola instead. The granola, yoghurt and honey is served in handy little pots ready to take away if you need to. But why would you want to eat somewhere else when the tables are just so damn instagrammable?! The interiors remind me of a fancy decadent London restaurant, like the Ivy Chelsea Garden or Bob Bob Ricard. Even the toilets are all pretty and marbley! If I had to sum up Burr & Co in three words, I'd go with Pinteresty breakfast heaven.

If you're looking for a quick and tasty breakfast, some coffee and cake (or the perfect Instagram snap!) Burr & Co is worth a visit. Their sister restaurant The Printing Press looks just as dreamy and is top of my list of places to eat next time we're in Edinburgh!


  1. This place looks so lovely! The food sounds delicious and those interiors are sooo pretty. I'll definitely need to pop in the next time I'm in Edinburgh :) What a wonderful little find, and it was so kind of them to give you your breakfast on the house too! I'm in love already...
    Nicole xxx
    Life in Ginger

  2. Hahaha I love that you turned up a day early! So nice of them that they let you stay and eat anyway. That interior is stunning, so instagrammable!! Glad the food was good too :)

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench