The Jolly Botanist, Edinburgh

Throughout the year myself, Gordon, my sister Laura and her friend Gemma have been raising money for SAMH. Between us we've raised over £2000 with more donations still to come in - I couldn't be prouder. The four of us coming together for the final challenge in Edinburgh (read about the abseil here) could only mean one thing... cocktail o'clock! 

We met up the night before the abseil for an evening of food, curiosity and bafflement drinks and rugby at The Jolly Botanist in Edinburgh's West End. The bar was buzzing with rugby and gin fans alike, and we waited patiently to score a table so we could order some dinner with our drinks. (I say patiently, we practically pushed a group of girls out the door). The Jolly Botanist is a Victorian inspired gin bar with over 40 different gins listed on their menu, who knew that many even existed?! I'm not even that big a fan of the drink but give me it in cocktail form any day, I recommend the raspberry Edinburgh Fizz and Gin, Glorious Gin! I'm just gutted they weren't served in these cute teacups...

Dinner at the Jolly Botanist was a perfectly lovely, hearty affair. Gordon and I devoured our massive haggis scotch eggs, while the vegetarians opted for charred bread and olives for starters. For mains we enjoyed slow braised beef shin in a tomato ragu with parmesan cheese mash, a surf n turf made up of fillet steak, king prawns, chips and veggies, a sweet potato veggie burger and a roasted red pepper and spinach risotto. I'll let you guess who ate what...

If you're in the Haymarket area, The Jolly Botanist is worth a visit - find them at 256-260 Morrison Street. I'm pretty sure they serve breakfast and afternoon tea throughout the day as well! 

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