A Disappointing Lunch at Prep Fitness Kitchen, Glasgow

On the first week of my new nutrition plan, I happened to have a weekend away in Glasgow. The timing was pretty bad as it's harder to stay on plan when away from home and eating out, but I was determined not to fuck up at the first hurdle! Luckily for me Prep Fitness Kitchen opened on Bath Street the week before and promised to make my macro-counting, health freak life a whole lot easier! A restaurant dedicated to fitness, and helping it's customers stay in control of their nutrition - macro values are listed for every item on the menu and even available to search on My Fitness Pal!

The menu offers a build your own meal option where you can pick from a variety of protein and carb sources, vegetables and sauces, or you can choose one of their salads, baked sweet potatoes. sandwiches or omelettes all with healthy fillings available. Protein shakes, bulletproof coffees, juices and coconut water are just some of the drinks options and their protein treats look amazing -especially the cheesecakes, blondies and banana bread! They're open 11am-11pm every day and even offer takeaway meal prepping services - ideal for busy, health conscious citizens of Glasgow! 

We arrived around 3pm for a late Saturday lunch. (I'd already had 2 breakfasts ok?!) The restaurant was fairly busy but not overcrowded and we were seated quickly and given menus to browse. It didn't take us long to decide but the staff left us waiting for a considerable amount of time. Two different members of staff approached us on separate occasions, trying to serve us food that wasn't ours. Both times we told them we were still waiting to order yet it took another 10 minutes or so for anybody to actually serve us!

I ordered a matcha tea with chicken, roast pepper, pesto and goats cheese sandwich on freshly baked sourdough. The sourdough was not freshly baked, in fact it was pretty damn stale to be honest. Gordon went for the "Not Even Cheatin" protein shake - 70% cocoa, almond milk, peanut butter, chocolate whey. He also ordered a sourdough chicken sandwich with the mango, smashed avocado, pistachio and basil filling. He hates the taste of both avocado and almond milk but the waitress said these could easily be swapped for alternatives - they'd replace the almond milk with regular skimmed milk and swap the avocado for extra mango.

Unfortunately neither of these swaps were made. We'd waited so long to be served that he didn't want to make a fuss and ate it anyway, but obviously didn't enjoy any of  it! It's pretty disappointing that a restaurant specifically catering for people's individual dietary requirements can't do something as simple as this. Luckily for them Gordon doesn't track his macros so the extra fat they added to his meal doesn't really matter, but for some people it would be a pretty big deal!

I ordered protein pancakes with banana and chocolate to takeaway for later, hoping they'd be better than the rest of our experience.

It was another long wait for anyone to approach us again after we'd eaten, by this point the restaurant was slowly emptying so there really was no excuse for such slow service. When we finally received our bill it had only the pancakes listed! As much as I'd of loved to only pay that, I knew it wasn't right. The waitress clearly hadn't noticed that we'd been sitting there for well over an hour by now! 

Overall our experience at Prep Fitness Kitchen was just really disappointing. There's been so much hype and excitement about the opening of the restaurant that I got my hopes up and expected to be blown away but the food was just okay. The sandwich fillings were tasty but the stale bread ruined it. The pancakes were definitely the highlight and the only thing I'd recommend trying. I'm hoping the issues we had are just teething problems. I really like the concept of the restaurant and it has the potential to be a great destination for fitness fanatics in Scotland, but it just needs a little more work. Some attention to detail and customer service training for a start!


  1. Oh, that's really disappointing. I've not been yet, and honestly curiosity means I'll probably still give it a try, but that's such a shame that a really special concept isn't living up to its potential.

    1. Let me know if you have a better experience! It sounds like they're trying to make improvements from their fb page anyway :)