SFN Goes Commando!

Earlier today I met up with a bunch of SFN Expo ambassadors for a hardcore training sesh at Commando X Fit in Glasgow... I'm still buzzing from the whole thing! It's a pretty intimidating set up for a crossfit virgin like myself but I shouldn't have worried, the commando guys cater for all abilities and it was an awesome workout! The guys are tough yet friendly. They push you to your limits without "breaking" you or making you feel inadequate in any way if you struggle! 

Bad habit - need to get my head up!!

We warmed up with a jog around the building in the pouring rain, followed by some shoulder presses, squats, bicep curls, burpees and push up variations. Then the real hard work started and we worked our way around the circuit in teams of four.

My facial expression for the entire hour!

I'm disappointed in myself for not managing the box jumps... I just couldn't seem to find the momentum. I managed 3 x 40kg squats but used the lighter weights for the rest of those. My biggest accomplishment of the day was the monkey bars. I could never do these as a kid so I was stupidly chuffed with myself for even making it half way along! All in all it was a challenging but fun workout with a brilliant team - I wish there was something like this up in Aberdeenshire!

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  1. Omg looks like a very intense training! I would love to try it, but... I am not sure I would last till the end. Thanks for sharing!

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