All of the grilled cheese at Melt, Aberdeen

What cheese do you use to lure a bear out of the woods?


(Come on bear, gettit?)

If there's one thing I love more than a Gouda cheese joke, its a grate grilled cheese sandwich! I always thought Gordon made the best grilled cheese, then I met Mechelle. Last week she kindly invited us along to Melt, her brand new sandwich shop on Aberdeen's Holburn Street, to sample some of the goods.

Inspired by the London foodie scene, Mechelle's recent redundancy spurred her on to bite the bullet and bring something new to the Granite City's lunch offerings. Lots of man hours, renovation skills and a few failed sourdough starters later, Mechelle brought her cheesy takeaway dreams to life. Stepping into Melt is like stepping back in time (or into your Nan's kitchen). Burnt orange seventies wallpaper takes pride of place alongside retro crockery and paintings. It's refreshing to see such a unique new concept in Aberdeen and it seems to be a big hit. Melt sold so many sandwiches on their first day that they ran out of bread and were forced to close early!

The menu is short and sweet (literally, in some cases) but its feta than you could ever imagine! Choose from the classic, the mac & melt or the hag & melt on a choice of locally made sourdough or gluten free bread. The choc & cheese on brioche was my personal favourite but take my word for it, they're all prett-Edam tasty!

(Sorry, not sorry...)

The Mac & Melt with cheddar.

The Classic Melt - gruyere, cheddar & bechamel.

Hag & Melt - haggis, bacon, rocket & gruyere.

 Choc & Cheese - mascarpone, nutella & fleur de sel salt.

The sandwiches are a generous size, filled to the brim with cheese oozing everywhere. So much cheese. My words and pictures will never do justice, you'll have to try them and see for yourself! Even the tomato soup can be served with cheese. The vegan option is a work in progress but promises to involve soy and beer so sounds like it'll be worth the wait. Mechelle has over 100 specials in the pipeline too, which will launch one at a time from April - look out for a banana and peanut butter bad boy! 

What fillings would you like to see at Melt?

What do you say to someone who tries to steal your Melt sandwich?

This is nacho cheese!

(Last one, I promise.)


  1. I love grilled cheese! I want to try all of these now! I would have never imagined a grilled cheese sandwich with chocolate!

    Be | lovefrombe