Wedding planning... 5 months to go!

This wedding thing has really crept up on me. We got engaged at the end of 2013, booked our venue, photographer and caterers in 2014, then chose our bridesmaids/best men, booked the registrar and found the dress in 2015 - after 7 months of hunting round every bridal shop in the north east of Scotland! Other than that, we didn't do much at all in the way of wedding planning. I've been fairly relaxed about the whole thing and kept reassuring everyone that there's plenty time... Suddenly 2016 is here and the happiest day of our lives is only 5 months away!

Suddenly I'm freaking out that we still don't have invitations... (work in progress!)
We left it too late to book a bridal suite... (Booked a standard room in a nearby hotel with the promise of an upgrade if it becomes available!)
I can't afford the shoes I really want...
We have 2 best men and both of them are out of the country!
How are we supposed to get kilts measured up without them?
There's a hen weekend to organise - trains, hotels, activities, money, money, money...
Speaking of money, when do I have to pay the balances to our suppliers?
Should we be planning menus by now?
We should definitely start planning the ceremony.
Hair trials, make-up trials, dress fittings... so many appointments, so little time!
Am I forgetting something?*

My head is buzzing with all things weddings at the most inconvenient times! Why am I always feeling most productive when I'm meant to be busy at work and can't send out e-mails to stationary suppliers?!

I'm sure it'll all come together in the end, as everyone keeps telling me, but it's going to be a crazy busy, expensive but exciting few months! 

Any tips for successfully planning the wedding of my dreams?

*Rings! I forgot the rings!


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  2. I know what it's like, I was in the same position myself last year, especially since we were organising (and making!) quite a lot ourselves! Here are my tips:

    Invitations - if they're all local/in the country, invitations are usually sent 3 months in advance and RSVP'd within a month of them going out. You should have final numbers at least a month before the wedding.

    Shoes - I got my Louboutins on sale! Is it possible you can find yours (or a similar pair) at a discount?

    Best men - my maid of honour was in Hong Kong and bridesmaid in Germany while the wedding was in Edinburgh and I was making their dresses! I sent them a list of measurements I needed, they sent it back and I made it according to what they sent. I then sent them their dresses and they had it fitted and altered in their countries.

    Ask the kilt shop what measurements they need and pass it on so they can send you their measurements to pass on so the shop has an idea of sizes. They will get a final fitting before they arrive for the wedding (make sure they arrive at least a few days before).

    Hen weekend - do you have a maid of honour? Normally that's their role to organise this, so if you have any ideas, let them know! I organised my own hen day and kept it quite simple. It doesn't have to be extravagant, you want a day to relax and just have fun with your friends! Make sure you keep budget to one that all your hens can afford. Before I booked anything, I asked everyone to send me the required amount in advance.

    Suppliers - they will usually give you a date which you will need to pay the final balance by. If they haven't given you a date, send them an e-mail to ask. My hair stylist and florist needed funds transferred 3 weeks before the wedding, the venue the week before and the ceilidh band on the night.

    Rings - do you have a style in mind? What are the prices like from the jewellers that made your engagement ring? The OH wanted to buy rings only from designers that used ethical gemstones and recycled metals so we got my wedding band from the same designer who made my engagement ring.

    Make sure you've already booked your hair stylist and make up artists by now. I realised that 5 months before the wedding (which was the date I'd been given reading various wedding sites) was already cutting it a bit close! Luckily I got the perfect hairstylist and MUA, but most I contacted were already fully booked on our wedding date! They'll be able to advise on the best trial dates as well.

    Menus - Check with the catering company when they would advise you to have your menu tasting. We had ours 4 months before our wedding date on a day that suited us.

    Have you booked your florist?

    How about your guest list? You'll be able to decide on your seating plan once you've got confirmation of who will be attending your wedding.

    Have you got an idea of what's happening at what time? It would be good to have an Order of Events so guests know what's happening when.

    Have you sourced any suggested accommodation so guests not from your area have somewhere to stay? Will those B&Bs/hotels offer guests a discount?

    Don't worry, all the suppliers/companies you hire will have been involved with weddings before so they will be happy to help you out! :) I've included the link to my blog to my DIY wedding preparation in case that helps, but let me know if I can give you any other information x


    1. This is so helpful, thank you!!
      Hoping our best men will be home next month so we can get kilts sorted then!
      The hen weekend is booked! Trains and accomodation all sorted and we were proper little bargain hunters and paid less than £70 each for the weekend!
      My engagement ring is from Tiffany & Co. I'd love my band to be from there too but it's so expensive.... we'll see!
      Hairdresser & MUA sorted :)
      Meeting our caterers in a couple of weeks - eek!
      Order of events was planned in 5 minutes in the car one day haha!
      Most of our guests who are travelling have already sorted accommodation. We're even having some cousins stay at our house as we'll be spending the night in a hotel ;)

      We're getting there, slowly but surely! Thanks for all your suggestions!

  3. I loved the rambling about the best men and the tailored kilts :)
    I cannot imagine how stressful it must be, thats why I want something very simple for my wedding-and by simple I mean 50 people max, lol.
    I am sure everything will work out great eventually :)

    1. Haha we only have 30 people for the day but it's still stressful! All be worth it in the end :) x