Wedding planning... Make-up trials!

I wish I was one of those girly girls who could contour and highlight her face to perfection. But I'm not. I don't know my concealer brush from my blending brush, my eyeshadow skills make me look like a clown, and I've certainly never brushed or drawn my eyebrows in!

We all know the bride takes centre stage on a wedding day. Everyone is dying to see the dress and comment on how beautiful and radiant she looks. I will be neither of those things if I do my own make-up - it probably wouldn't even last til the meal! I could do with a little help at the best of times but my wedding day is the one day in my life when I absolutely have to get a MUA involved. 

Pink vs Nude
Both looks by Jade Gourlay MUA.

I actually posted on Facebook looking for MUA recommendations and was lucky enough to be contacted by someone I know, who has just recently completed her training with The Academy of Make-up. She very kindly offered her services and after a couple of trials we're all booked and ready to go!

Both looks are very natural - the first (right picture) was done with lots of browny nude and neutral colours and although I was very happy with the results, I felt it was a little too dark and dramatic for me. Remember I only wear foundation and a little eyeliner and mascara normally!

For the second trial we opted for softer pink tones with less definition around the eyes and smaller, more natural looking lashes. The original pink lip colour was far too bright for me but Jade softened it with a lighter colour on top. I felt much more like myself this time and would happily walk down the aisle with this face!

A few tips for choosing your MUA

1. Check out their facebook/instagram/website! In this day and age anyone in a creative industry like this will post pictures of their work. Make sure you like the looks they've created in the past. There's no point going to someone who specialises in dramatic, smokey eyes when you want a fresh, natural look.

2. Book a trial! If you wait til the big day you'll probably have no time to change anything you're unhappy with. You need to feel comfortable enough to be honest and tell them truthfully whether you like or dislike something. There's no point thinking I'll fix that myself later because you probably won't have time on the day! Get it right ahead of time and you'll save any hassles or tears on the happiest day of your life.

3. Shop around. Don't settle on the first person you find, get recommendations from others and make sure you get a few quotes. One person quoted more ££ just for the bride than I'm now paying for myself and my 3 bridesmaids. Crazy.

4. Going back to the trial - if you plan on having a spray tan for your big day, get it done for your make-up trial too. A tan can totally change a look and the MUA will need to know which shades to use on the actual day. Also, wear white (or whatever colour you plan on wearing down the aisle) as the colours will look completely different against darker clothes.

5. Find out what products are in their kit. This is especially important if you have any allergies or strong beliefs on animal testing!

6. Can you use your own products? One thing Jade suggested to me was to use my own lip colour. Your MUA can only stock so many products and will never be able to please everybody. At least if you choose to use your own products, you know you'll like the shade and you can keep hold of it to top up throughout the day!

What are your top tips for wedding make-up or choosing an MUA?

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