Nemesis Coaching - 12 Weeks In


My high volume plan is full of long and hard sessions, and I've had DOMs for days, especially after a lower body workout. See my YouTube channel for a little peek at my training! Pull day is probably my favourite. One of the best parts of online coaching with Nemesis is the constant feedback and support from my coaches and I can't thank them enough for that. I've gone from barely being able to curl a barbell to managing 18 reps - broken into more managable 3 x 6 with 10 seconds rest pause in between - thanks to Lainey's advice. This month's steady state cardio sessions have seen me cycle for 105 minutes, run 8k and swim a mile in 50 minutes. I don't mind cycling but I don't find it challenging enough - at least with running I feel like I've accomplished something, and swimming always leaves me starving for the rest of the day. No wonder Michael Phelps is eating 10,000 odd calories - I'm pretty sure I could eat that after today!


Last Friday I had a slip up and binged, ruining any chance of progress for that week! I really shouldn't be left unsupervised. After a pep talk from Sharon at check in, my mind is back on it - I'm feeling focused and determined to smash this next month. It is only 6 weeks until my hen weekend! The plan is to stay consistent with macros til then and earn a weekend free from tracking food. I'm trying to fit in a little treat every other day, a little bit of what I fancy, to help reduce any cravings and the likelihood of binge eating. I've now lost the extra cm's I'd put on with the binge episode so I'm back on track. Although there's no visual change in my body since the last pictures, Lainey is pleased with the progress and macros will remain the same for the coming week. I'm just pleased to be maintaining my current condition and not looking any bigger!

How have you got on with your fitness goals this month?
What are your thoughts on online coaching?

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