Wedding planning... 4 months to go!

Oh my god that sounds scary! There's still a lot to do but I feel like we're finally getting somewhere with a lot of it.

In the last month we've...

Attended a local wedding exhibiton for some inspiration.

Picked up the dress!!
Still in love with it! I won't say much more though as I'm one of those brides who'll keep it a big secret until the big day. However I don't think anyone (who really knows me) will get much of a surprise - I asked Gordon what kind of dress he thought I'd go for and he pretty much described it to a tee!

Had my 2nd make-up trial.
Booked busses to transport guests.
And just about died of shock when I heard the first quote.

Received samples of our invites.
Can't wait for the real deal to arrive!

Which also means we've just about finalised our guest list.
If all our friends/family could maintain their current relationship status until August, that would be much appreciated.

Shopped for rings.
Should I go for the Tiffany option to  match my engagement ring or a similar, less expensive design from another jeweller?
And who knew Gordon would be so fussy?!

Met with our caterers.
To talk about the most important part of the day - the food!

Met with 10 Dollar Shake to discuss bar options.

Booked hotels and trains for my hen weekend!
We're going to Edinburgh in 2 months time - bring on the cocktails!
Any recommendations for hen night activities/restaurants/drinking holes in the Scottish capital?

Tried to pick our tartan.

Bought some decorative bits and bobs.
We're doing our own centre pieces, seating plans and a few little personal touches! Hobbycraft and the Range are my go to's for this, where else should I be looking? I'd love to see how you personalised your venue - leave your decoration ideas in the comments! 

I'm still debating the shoe situation...
The ones I want are expensive and probably not practical, but I haven't fallen in love with anything else! I need to decide soon as I can't have my alterations done until I know how high my heels will be.

What are your top tips for wedding planning at this stage? Is there anything I'm forgetting?!


  1. depends on what you're going for, I booked a party with Lush Spa on Princes Street after the store closes (will need to be minimum 7 guests), definitely worth it :) there are a lot of great restaurants in Edinburgh, will depend on your budget and cuisine preference though.

    1. ooh I didn't know Lush did spa parties, I might look into that! Thanks :)