Wedding Planning... 2 months to go!

As you're reading this I'll be on my hen weekend in Scotland's capital! My bridesmaids have planned the whole thing and tried to keep everything top secret. I'd promise to blog about it but... maybe what happens in Edinburgh, stays in Edinburgh?!

This month we have...

Ordered my wedding band from Tiffany!
It arrived in less than a week and my hands were literally shaking as I unwrapped the little blue box to try it on! We also collected Gordon's band from Rox :)

Had our pre wedding photo shoot.
I got all worked up about the fact I hadn't booked hair or make-up but I soon forgot all about it. Our photographer is extremely talented and so professional that I relaxed into it pretty easily and love how natural the photos came out!

Had a bridesmaid and a best man hospitalised!
Not together! Hopefully the cast will be off before the wedding ;)

Met with the florist.
I never knew I'd get so excited about flowers.

Started making our seating plan.
The board anyway. We can't do much more until all the RSVP's are in. Deadline day is today - eek!

Handed in our marriage notice forms.

Sorted the kilt situation.
Not what I had in mind but better than Gordon's first choice!

Started looking for readings for the ceremony.
It's so hard to find something personal but not soppy! The ones I do like have probably been heard at a thousand weddings already - I'd like something unique.

Hunted all round Aberdeen for wedding shoes.
Haven't fallen in love with anything so I came home empty handed. I'll look while in Edinburgh so keep your fingers crossed for me finding "the ones"! Oh, actually I came home with a little treat from Chanel - my wedding day lipstick!

Booked hair trials.
Which reminds me, I still need to find some sort of accessory for my hair...

With only two months until the big day, I think life is going to be mad for the forseeable future! My Dad is home now and I'm really hoping he'll take charge - he's much more organised than I am, and better at getting sh*t done!

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  1. The next 2 months are going to fly by! Hope you had a fab time in Edinburgh, judging by your IG it looks as though you did. Hopefully the shoe situation is sorted soon, you could always bling up some trainers as a last resort ;) xx

    The Life of Dee