Breakfast at Riverhill, Glasgow

It's official - my life has descended into wedding chaos. With less than 3 weeks to go, all thing bridal have taken over and between work, weddings and gym sessions I have little time left for anything else - including blogging! I always seem to catch the blogging bug at the most inconvenient times. While the inspiration strikes, I thought I'd grab the chance to write more about our Tough Mudder weekend in Glasgow last month... before the memories disappear into the wedding abyss, along with the rest of my life!

Tough Mudder takes a hell of a lot of energy out of you. We woke up the next day feeling like we'd been hit by a tonne of bricks. Our limbs were stiff and bruises were popping up in places you can only imagine. We were exhausted (even after the 8 hour kip!) and hungry. But then, what's new? I'm always hungry. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day too, so I didn't take much convincing when Gordon suggested a large and lazy brunch to refuel. Plus I needed an energy boost for hitting the Nike store - shopping is my cardio guys!

Perfectly located on West Nile Street, a hop and a skip from Nike, our destination was the Riverhill Café. We strolled along from our hotel in the hope that our aching muscles would loosen off and collapsed into the comfy seats of the compact and cosy diner. The décor at Riverhill has a homely continental feel, with yellow walls, adorned with bric a brac and family pictures smiling down at you. It's how I imagine my grandma's rustic Spanish countryside home would look...  if she had one!

The menu is just as multicultural with everything from bacon naans to French toast, huevos rancheros and classic Scottish porridge available for breakfast. Being as adventurous as always, Gordon devoured the full Scottish. It was the shashuka that did it for me...

Oh the shashuka! Poached eggs cooked just right, with the runny yolk begging to be burst and mixed into the pool of herby tomato sauce and crème fraiche. All mopped up with a delicious monster of a flat bread. I'd go back again and again just for this - the breakfast of Queens!

There are another 2 Riverhill locations in Glasgow and I'd like to visit them all for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
The cocktails sound like a winner and there are vegan options too.
Have you ever eaten at Riverhill? What should I try next time?

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