Lunch at KCal Kitchen, Glasgow

Sticking to any diet plan can be difficult at the best of times, but trying to macro track while eating out can be really bloody awkward. I've found the easiest way is to stick to better known chain restaurants, who list the macronutrient breakdown of their menu online! Nandos is probably the best known diet friendly eatery, but Wagamama and Jamie's Italian are also pretty good in my experience! It gets kinda boring eating the same things at the same places all the time though...

Luckily for Glasgow, there's a bunch of healthy eateries popping up locally to make our macro tracking, booty building, cardio hating fitness lives so much better! Last time we headed to Prep Fitness Kitchen but on this visit we decided to give Kcal Kitchen a go, and boy am I glad we did! Kcal kicks Prep's ass in every aspect in my opinion. The décor, the service and the food were all a million times better here.

The white walls, wooden floors, rustic tables and vibrant green accents gives the laidback restaurant a clean and fresh feeling. It's somewhere you could go to chill with your gym mates for a post workout shake or even just to enjoy a tasty lunch and a gossip with the girls. The health concept isn't shoved down your throat in any way! It doesn't matter if you're dieting or into fitness, the food at Kcal is for everybody. None of your typical healthy soup, salad, chicken and veg options - instead you'll find mac & cheese, protein waffles and even a cheesecake on the menu!

Macro values are clearly listed on the menu and already available for you to search on my fitness pal. I'd already chosen and input my lunch the night before after browsing their menu on facebook, but it also allowed me to easily switch my planned protein cookie for a Kcal Guilty Pleasure shake. A mix of chocolate protein, milk, cocoa and peanut butter - everyting my body was craving after a Tough weekend! Gordon went for a tropical twist smoothie which was a fruity mix of pineapple, mango, strawberries, kiwi and orange juice.

He had the Get Lean beef burger, while I enjoyed a meatball mania pizza - you know, just your typical healthy lunch! I love that you can be healthy without feeling deprived. The food really is as good as it looks! My Nana's home cooked chips sprung to mind the minute I tasted those sweet potato fries, and my pizza was full of flavour on a perfectly crispy, thin flatbread style base. We washed it all down with a matcha green tea and a cappuccino, which you can even have with almond, coconut or soya milk for you dairy free folk!

Kcal Kitchen is located in the centre of Glasgow, just a short walk away from Buchanan Street. I'm planning on checking out their breakfast menu when I'm in town for this year's *SFN Expo! Diet or no diet, I'd highly recommend heading to 130 West Regent Street.

Where's your favourite healthy eatery?
Would you like to see nutritional information on restaurant menus more often?

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