Wedding planning... 1 month to go!

Actually, 28 days... SH*T IS GETTING REAL!

This month we have...

Enjoyed the henny and planned round 2!
I'm hosting a tea party at home, which has worked out quite well as it's much cheaper and means more people can come along, including my Nan! :)

Finally bought shoes
3 pairs actually. Then ended up going back to the first ones I tried!

Had my first dress fitting!
I'm quite lucky that it only needs a small adjustment at the shoulders and a little off the hem. I'm changing the waist band as it sits in the wrong place for my body shape but that's an easy job too!

Bought some gifts for our bridal party.

Dad got his kilt measured
and spotted a few mistakes in our order! I must remember and call them to double check everything...

Booked the generator

Decided on our menu with Eat Beetroot!
We even have a separate menu for our vegan friends, and our tasting is booked!
Absolutely buzzing for this - the food is one of the most important aspects of the day to me!

Received the majority of our RSVP's...
I'm amazed that some people just don't acknowledge the invite in any way, shape or form! Even a quick Facebook message would do. Point blank ignoring it is just rude, right?

E-mailed a bunch of suppliers
To confirm timings, prices, flavours etc.

Booked my nails & even a polish at the dentist!

Finalised our first dance song
Which will be performed by Gordon's cousin!
Our band has also asked us to make a list of 20 of our favourite songs, which turns out to be harder than I expected.

Booked a mini moon!
With thanks to itison, I've booked a couple of nights in an Aberdeen hotel just to get away from home. We plan to visit Spain later in the year and organise a bigger adventure for 2017 :)

There's still a million and one things to do and not enough hours in the day. Bridezilla is still under control though... for now!

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  1. Ahh getting close now! The most frustrating thing for me was that even though we put actual RSVP cards in with our invites people still didn't send them. WE did the invites the old fashioned way so they came from my parents, but I still had to ask people to send RSVP's back, I wound me up SO much! xx