FloatFit HIIT with Sport Aberdeen

Someone recently told me that Aberdeen tends to be around 10 years behind London. That particular conversation was in relation to the food and drink industry, but I think the same can be said for many trends. Fitness for example... while London is booming with the likes of Zanna Van Dijk and Clean Eating Alice hopping from one bootcamp to another, fitness blogging is almost unheard of around here. There's not a Barry's Bootcamp, Pyscle or Barre workout in sight! One unusual workout however, has made it's way to Aberdeen faster than any other. Currently only available in a handful of cities in the UK, Float Fit is catching the attention of Aberdonians fast!

Sport Aberdeen invited me along to try a class at the Beach Leisure Centre. Our instructor Paula was welcoming and friendly, guiding us through the class like a true pro. Knocking your neighbour off with waves is encouraged! 
You can watch my GoPro footage from the evening below.

So what is Float Fit?

Aqua Physical have created an exciting new HIIT workout that can be done on water with their aquabase floats! Your core is challenged the entire time as you squat, plank and burpee your way through the 30 minute workout, trying your best to keep your balance and not land in the water. I'm genuinely amazed I managed to stay dry for the whole class. I didn't find the session particularly strenuous (no DOMS the next day either!) but I did take the easier option a few times as I wasn't confident enough in my balancing skills. However, it still felt challenging, effective and most importantly fun!

A lot of people forget that when they decide to get fit. They think of exercise as something punishing and unenjoyable, but lets face it... are you ever going to stick to something you don't actually like? FloatFit HIIT is a low impact, unique way to get fit and have fun!


*I was invited to try FloatFit by Sport Aberdeen. As always, all views are my own and 100% genuine.


  1. This looks like alot of fun! Would definitely be tempted to give it ago if only I could find someone to go with me <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. It is! I'll go with you if you can't convince anyone! ;)