It's always sunny in Findhorn...

Findhorn is a beautiful little seaside village on the Moray coast. Gordon spent the first few years of his childhood living there and has told me many stories over the years - mainly how he ran away to the Foundations on his little blue bike when he was 4 years old, but that's a story for another day! He's been talking about showing me round his hometown for a long time and we finally got round to it a few weeks ago, and picked the best day of the summer to do it! Although, according to my husband, it's always sunny in Findhorn!

The clouds were looking ominous as we drove further and further North, but that didn't deter us from an ice cream fix! We took a little detour and made our way to Hopeman - the home of Stew 'n' Drew's ice cream! After much deliberation I decided on two scoops - one Scottish tablet, one Ironman. Yep, Ironman. Avengers are a staple flavour at Stew n Drew's. Gordon enjoyed his minty Hulk and Iron Brew! If only they had a Thor flavour... I'd definitely like a taste of that! ;)

We continued driving and Gordon pointed out the one clear blue gap in the clouds and promised me it was Findhorn... he was right! Approaching the picturesque village, the sky cleared and the sun beamed down. We stopped off for a cup of tea with Gordon's great aunt who shared old family stories and offered some marital advice to us newlyweds - no rush for kids, see the world instead! I like her.

A long walk on the beach was the perfect cliché that afternoon. The sun was hot and the bay was packed with people! Toddlers paddling, boats sailing in the marina, dogs chasing balls through the water, older couples reading books side by side on the sand... You can hire boats and wetsuits from the shop on the shore, or just people watch from dry land at the Captain's Table café. It was so warm I literally felt like we were on holiday in some exotic faraway land. 

We strolled along the pebbled peninsula as far as the sea before turning back and heading for a bite to eat. We chose to sit outside and soak up the rays at the Crown and Anchor - Findhorn's oldest building! A typical white washed, village pub serving up fresh local seafood and the usual pub grub - where I tucked into an awesome steak pie, tripped and broke my favourite sandal, and discovered a new found love for raspberry Edinburgh Gin! Not necessarily in that order.

We didn't have time to visit the infamous ecovillage at Findhorn Foundations but that only leaves us with the perfect excuse for another roadtrip. Perhaps we'll visit near Christmas and find out if it really is always sunny in Findhorn!

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