Wedding Planning... The Menu!

The food was always going to be an important part of our wedding day. One of my most favourite meals ever is Christmas dinner and we wanted our wedding meal to reflect that. Some good, hearty comfort food to be shared around the table, everyone tucking in and fighting over the roast potatoes like one big happy family. Eat Beetroot brought this to life with their "family dining" buffet concept, which creates a really relaxed environment and gets everyone talking. It went down a storm with our guests!

Menu design by Vivi Paperie

Obviously I was a little too busy to snap photos of all the food on our big day, although I couldn't resist a couple of cheeky snapchats! Once a food blogger, always a food blogger. Most of these pictures are from our epic menu tasting - which, coincidentally, landed on my birthday! Some of the food varied slightly on the day from the version we were served at our tasting but it was all down to serving sizes/presentation/dodgy hired ovens and we enjoyed it all the same.


GF Toasted Flatbread, Red Pepper Hummus, Dukkah
Highland Smoked Venison, Green Peppercorn Rosti & Cherry Jam
Mushroom & Pine Nut Wellington

We opted for a choice of three canapes to be served during our drinks reception. I feel like we kinda missed out on this aspect as it all happened while we were whisked away to snap our professional photos. Chris clearly knows me well though and saved us a slateful for our grand arrival!


Vegan Sweet Onion & Broad Bean Cous Cous Fritter with Seasonal Vegetable Salad

Local Black Pudding & Quail Egg Scotch Egg, Homemade Brown Sauce / Monkfish Scampi Cones with Tangy Tartare Sauce / Aged Beef Brioche Slider, Bacon & Bourbon Jam / Sticky BBQ Chicken Skewer

Starters were probably one of the hardest parts for us to decide on. Choosing a menu that will please the majority of your guests is tricky, but it's even harder when you throw in a couple of vegans and some gluten free folk. Eventually Chris helped us to decide when he offered us a "sharing platter" of some of their canapĂ© options, while our vegan family were served cous cous fritters! Surely each guest would like at least one thing from this selection?!

I can't even pick a favourite from our starters, they were all so tasty, but I need you to know that those were the best damn sliders I've ever eaten in my life. I still dream about that bourbon jam. It took every bit of willpower I had not to stuff myself to the brim with these alone! There were so many of each item on the day that we actually ended up going from table to table with extra platters, offering them round our guests, photographers and bartenders!

Main Course

Vegetable & Cornbread Pie (Vegan)
Beef Rump, Shin & Cheek Steak Pie / Scottish Chicken, Smoked Ham Hock & Leek Pie
Roast Tatties, Roast Veg, Mash & Gravy

Our main course was a proper family favourite. With a choice of steak or chicken pie (or both!) with flaky pastry, there was something for everyone. Both pies were served in a large dish at each table ready for guests to dig into and pile their plate as high as they like, alongside all the trimmings! Some tables missed out on the pastry which I assume was down to the oven issue! We shared classic sides of mashed potato, proper roast tatties, roast veg and gravy. Vegans enjoyed their very own vegetable pie topped with an epic cornbread crust!

Photo by Laura.


Dark Chocolate Tart, Choco Pop Rocks & Raspberry Fizz Sorbet

To make life simple, we decided to have a vegan dessert option served to everyone. Except Gordon, who had his very own sticky toffee pudding! I find sticky toffee boring (it's a sponge with sauce!) but it's his favourite dessert in the world and Chris made it specially. Lets pretend he wasn't too full to appreciate it properly on the day!

We omitted the word "vegan" from the dessert description on our menu to avoid any fussy eaters becoming suspicious. It was literally just a dark chocolate tart - well not just a chocolate tart, it was an Eat Beetroot chocolate tart! - but nothing too unusual or anything to be scared of. Some found the tart quite rich but it was perfect for me. I ate the lot - TWO at the tasting! The sorbet was beautifully light and refreshing, with just the right amount of fizz making it the perfect accompaniment to balance the flavours. The chocolate popping candy added a little surprise to the dish!

Evening Food

Cue House Sausage Dawgs, Fried Onion, American Mustard, A&O Sauces
Vegan Tacos

Around 9pm, I just about had room to eat again. We'd hired the Cue BBQ Hut for the evening with American style hotdogs on the menu to go with our New York theme! A meeting at Cue had ended with us choosing to serve Angus and Oink's very own sausages, with fried onions and a choice of ketchup, mustard or Angus & Oink hot sauces!

There was so much extra monkfish from our starter selection that they ended up serving scampi at night too. Veggie tacos were our vegan option. These were served straight to the table where our vegan family members sat, which was unplanned but I was happy with it at the time. Unfortunately I forgot there were additional vegans among our evening guests. It was a real shame as it probably would have been a nice surprise for them to see they'd actually been catered for, and I'm sure the tacos were awesome!

What would you choose for your wedding day meal?

All in all, this was one of the best foodie days of my life and I reckon we did a great job of catering for everyone, apart from that last tiny slip up! At the end of the day, there you can't keep everyone happy, but we did our very best as did Chris and his team who I can't thank enough. Unfortunately Eat Beetroot is no more but you can find Chris and his tasty tacos rocking the kitchen at Rye & Soda!

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  1. Omg! How tasty does that food look?! I would have eaten everything there as it looks so good. Such a lovely way to serve food rather than a formal sit down meal like at most weddings.

    Looks like you had an amazing day :)


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