Wedding Planning... The Playlist!

After a recent music themed #abzchat on twitter, I've been inspired to share some of the musical aspects of our wedding day!

A house party at ours, always ends with a sing a long of our favourite songs with our favourite people, a few guitars, some drums and occasionally even a harmonica or a tambourine! Our wedding reception was pretty much exactly the same but on a much larger scale. It started with Gordon's cousin Kenny playing our first dance, followed by dancing til my feet ached and singing til my throat hurt, and it ended with his Aunty Kathy doing a spontaneous solo of an old family classic! It was literally the best party I've ever been to.

Down the Aisle: Fleetwood Mac - Landslide

Oh what a fiasco this was! Our venue was basically just an empty shell for us to do what we wanted with. This meant there was no official system or staff to organise the music aspect. After much deliberation, Gordon went out and bought a great big speaker, and we charged one of our Best Men with the task of playing the right music at the right time. The plan just about went without a hitch...

They pressed play on the song by mistake, but quickly realised it didn't matter when the door swung open and the first bridesmaid made her way down the aisle! Talk about good timing! The same can't be said for stopping it - they hit the stop button literally the second I reached the top of the aisle, cutting off Stevie Nicks mid chorus! It really didn't matter at the end of the day and it still makes me giggle thinking about it! Landslide is and will always be my favourite Fleetwood Mac song!

Ceremony/Meal Playlist

We made use of our new speaker and had it playing music in the background while guests arrived for the ceremony and then shifted it to the yurt to play while we enjoyed our epic dinner. The playlist was made up of an eclectic mix of our favourite songs. We included most of the softer, slower music in this as we felt the chilled out vibes were more appropriate through the day. Our guests were treated to everything from The Beach Boys to the Beatles, Jet's "Move On" to Sheryl Crow's "Strong Enough" and a bit of Damien Rice.

First Dance: Mamas and Papas - Dream a Little Dream,
followed by Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I'm not even sure why we chose Dream a Little Dream to be honest. It's a song we both like and often sing (badly on my part!), but we just decided on it when it came on in the car one day. We'd already decided we'd like Kenny to perform our first dance song as a little personal touch and we'd heard him sing it at a gig before, and that was that. First dance sorted.

As it wasn't a particularly dance-y tune, we thought it'd be good to go into something upbeat straight away. Breakfast at Tiffany's was the obvious choice! I once dressed as Holly Golightly for a fancy dress party, and it was the theme of my hen night! It's one of the songs that always gets played at our house parties and we knew it'd fill the dancefloor pretty quickly. 

Photo by Laura.

The Band: Wonderland - 20 Favourite Songs

Our band Wonderland literally made our evening! They played a mixture of music themselves, as well as some tracks that we'd "requested" and walked us through a few classic Scottish dances. I'm useless at the Gay Gordons at the best of times - more so with my dress wrapping itself around my heels at every turn - but it's always so much fun, you get to dance and connect with strangers and everyone always ends up laughing! Of course, like every good Scottish wedding, it ended with us being lifted up on shoulders for Loch Lomond and the big Auld Lang Syne finale!

Steve had asked us to send them a list of 20 of our favourite songs and they'd download the ones they didn't know to make sure they catered for our tastes specifically! No Amarillo or Don't Stop Believing at this party, thank you. We tried to pick songs we knew our guests would love as much as us, songs that were mainly upbeat and had meaning to us. I reckon a few of our choices must of been so obscure they couldn't find them as I don't remember hearing them on the night, but they did their best and even played Dance Magic Dance from the Labyrinth! I loved it, our guests loved it and the dancefloor was rarely empty - if ever! It didn't matter if our guests knew each other or not, they were all dancing together and so many have told us since how much they enjoyed the music.

What was your first dance song?
What would you choose to walk down the aisle to?

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