Dinner at Barburrito, Aberdeen

Buenos Dias amigos! I picked up a few Spanish words and phrases on our recent trip - I'm pretty sure we all knew hola already? - but I was pleased to spot some of them on the brightly coloured walls of Aberdeen's latest Mexican eatery, Barburrito. I missed the launch while we were sunning it up in the Costa Blanca, but they kindly sent me a wee voucher to check it out on my return!

I love the interiors and the build your own burrito concept, I just don't think it's very clear to a first time customer. It took us a minute or two of awkwardly standing at the entrance ("do we take a seat, do we wait to be seated, do we just head to the counter?") before a friendly but busy burrito barista clocked us. She said she'd be with us in a tick and invited us to look at the fillings on offer while we waited. Gordon sums it up perfectly - it's basically a Mexican Subway.

Choose your burrito - small, regular, loaded, naked, superfood - or tacos or nachos.
Rice, beans, onions and peppers?
Pick your filling - chicken, pork, spicy beef, grilled steak or veggie.
Then your salsa - however you like it - mild, medium, spicy?
And finally the toppings - cheese, slaw, sour cream, guac?

Holy guacamole. I packed a bit of everything into mine - regular wrap with spicy beans, rice, peppers, grilled chicken, chipotle salsa and cheese. I have to admit it was delicious, and the foil kept it all neat inside... until the last few bites anyway! We also enjoyed a bag of tortilla chips with dip. I like spicy but he's not so keen so the manager offered us a salsa pot each - fresh and chunky pico de gallo and the more flavoursome chipotle.

Gordon however couldn't wait for dessert and started dipping his chips in the moreish chocolate sauce that came with our churros! I recently tried churros at the Christmas village. If you tried them too, do not let them put you off! Barburritos version are soft and fluffy on the inside, and perfectly coated with sugary cinnamon. I only wish the portion were bigger!

I really enjoyed my dinner at Barburrito. It's not first date material but for that Christmas shopping pitstop it's ideal. Gordon moaned he was still hungry afterwards but for me it was just enough. He'll have to go large next time - un burrito grande por favor!

Pop in for lunch if you're in Union Square over the holidays. If you're at the other side of town I recommend checking out Muchacho on Rose Street for a local taste of Mexico! Now I just need to work on my Spanish...

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