A to Z Dating... Baxters of Fochabers

B is for Baxters
Baking - Ballet - Bennachie - Bowling - Boxing - Bread Making - Brewery

I feel like this year is flying by already. With aims to have at least one alphabet date a month, we're on to our second letter sooner than I thought. February has been a busy month - between birthdays, leaving parties and trips to Glasgow, we really only had one weekend free to squeeze in B. Originally we had planned to do the brewery tour at our local Brewdog - Dogtap in Ellon. However I wasn't organised enough, and left booking too late. We were offered the option of turning up in the hope of a no show but that seemed a waste if it didn't happen.

In the end, we narrowly avoided a major tantrum and settled for a slight sulk with a pouty lip and a trip to Baxters!

I really wanted to share date suggestions that weren't location specific. As well as sharing what Aberdeen and shire has to offer, I want people who aren't local to be able to take away ideas and inspiration for A-Z dates too! I'm not sure what the national equivalent of Baxters would be but for a last minute plan on a Sunday it really didn't matter! At the end of the day it's about the two of us spending time together and making memories. The drive up to Fochabers was probably the longest part of the date - made even longer by a lack of radio signal and a husband who forgot to grab the CD's. He had one job!

Baxters of Fochabers is home to the original grocery shop, dating back to 1868. Along with this, the Highland Village is made up of a large restaurant and specialised stores selling their finest Baxters and Audrey Baxter goods, a myriad of gin and whiskey, cookware and Scottish souvenirs.

The old store is probably the most interesting part, decked out like we're still in WWII. Here you'll find ration books and gas masks featured among the many vintage Baxters tins and the story of how the company became what it is today. Wow, I've just realised this is probably the world's lamest date...

Onto the good stuff - gin, glorious gin! You'll find a huge array of Scotland's finest for sale. Everything from plum and vanilla Edinburgh Gin to Golf by Eden Mill, and Aberdeen's very own Porter's. I could have easily spent a fortune - Rock Rose for me, a 17 year old Balvenie Doublewood for him. In the end all we bought was some chilli chutneys and a hell of a lot of jam.

I like shopping as much as any girl, but that's really all there is to do at Baxters. Maybe they could introduce some sort of activity - a jam making lesson or something along those lines? I whiled away the time browsing books on munros and Aberdeenshire walks but Gordon tried his best to steer me past the cook shop and straight to the restaurant!

Baxters are infamous for their freshly made pancakes. A ladleful of batter is slapped onto the hot plate where you can watch them bubble away before they're flipped and become these giant, fluffy beauties. We smothered them in strawberry jam and daintily cut them into bitesize pieces. Pancakes are surprisingly filling! Good job we didn't go with plan A and order actual lunch food first. Yep, as predicted, all our alphabet dates are starting to revolve around food.

We had a wonder round the nearby garden centre and that was it for our granny date! Any rock'n'roll suggestions for C?

Read what we got up to for "A" here - Afternoon tea at Almondine!

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  1. It doesn't sound lame at all, I love the idea of doing something with a bit of history attached to it and it sounds like a really fun and unusual date idea! Can't wait to see what you come up with next, really enjoying this series!