Spectra 2017

Spectra was the first of Aberdeen's festivals to really grab my attention this time last year. I wasn't lucky enough to go - by the time I'd cottoned on, it was over! It's a visual festival of light, illuminating the granite city for one weekend each winter with its collection of art installations.  In this age of Instagram culture it certainly catches the eye and draws in the crowds. Even if just for that cloud selfie...

When this year's festival of light was announced I made a promise to myself that I'd schedule in a visit. It just so happened that my brother and his family were keen, and it soon turned into a family affair with Laura joining us too!

Union Terrace Gardens was one of the best spots to catch the event - with everything from The Cloud by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett to the Wave Garden by Paul Friedlander. Other highlights included the fiery Hot Heads by pa-Boom - pretty sure we all came for the art, and stayed for the heat!

The various exhibits dotted about the city were all fairly close to each other really. We made our way from the gardens to St Nicholas Kirkyard and found ourselves surrounded by gravestones and giant spiders! I'm not a fan of anything with eight legs but the light hearted spooky music reminded me of the Addams Family and I can't get it out my head!

We walked down the church aisle with glowing pendulums swinging above our heads, watched Flex's Machines play a few tunes and then made our way out the other side. Live music and random videos of people exercising/dancing/doing something in the olden days played at the roof top garden and people seemed to enjoy copying the moves!

Outside Marischal College you had the chance to light up the granite walls, playing the keyboards at Laser Light Synths. Inside we were met with strings of lights known as 9 Month Rebirth, and Obar Dheathain (Gaelic for Aberdeen!) - an audio visual spectacle telling tales of Aberdeen's history by projecting them perfectly onto Marischal College Quad.

I had really hoped to type up this post before the festival was over but it's been a busy weekend! Unfortunately Spectra 2017 has finished but it's absolutely one to watch. I'd like to see it stick around for a little longer than a weekend next year! In the mean time, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for Aberdeen's Look Again Festival in Spring!

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  1. It was really good, I've haven't properly done Spectra for a couple of years but it was a great (but cold!) night out! I hated the spiders - the concept is brilliant but a bit too clever for my tastes, I kept yelling 'I feel like they're on me!' haha!