My 2017 Race Season So Far

These last few weeks have been spent making plans for the rest of the year. I'm determined to get my fitness back on track and what better way than to enter a race or two? I realise writing this that I really only have three events planned so far, but I'm hoping to fit more in.

As much as I love a good OCR, all the big ones seem to hold their Scottish races much further South than Aberdeen. So not only do I have the entry fee, I have to fork out for an overnight stay, meals out, and petrol for a 6+ hour round trip, and book time off work! I'm trying to find local races to fill my diary instead, but they all seem to fall on days I'm either working or already have plans. Next year I'm going to campaign for all races to be held on Sundays - looking at you, Beast Race and Glack Attack!

May - Mud Madness, Lochter

The first race of the season is a local 5k mud run at Lochter Activity Centre, near Inverurie. I'm thinking of this one as more of a training run. At only 5k the actual running part shouldn't be too difficult, I hope! A few of my Epic team mates are joining me and I'm expecting it to be fun but messy - the clue is in the name!

June - Ben Nevis & Tough Mudder Scotland

Eek! Climbing Ben Nevis isn't exactly a race but it's still a challenge! Gordon and I will be conquering Britian's highest mountain and exploring more of bonnie Scotland on the way. The plan is to climb as many hills as we can fit in between now and June, to get used to walking at an incline!

I loved Tough Mudder so much last year that I signed up again straight away. It's the longest and hardest obstacle race I've done yet, but it's a fun one, full of camaraderie and I'm looking forward to trying out some new obstacles.

Throwback to Cetco Ythan Challenge 2015

August - Simply Health Great Aberdeen Run, Half Marathon

My biggest challenge of the year! I am in no way a natural runner, and have never run solid for more than 10k but I wanted to prove to myself I can do this. All 21k. It'll be a struggle but my sister has signed up to keep me company and I'm feeling determined! So far I've been running a couple of times a week. I'm going to work on my 5k until it feels comfortable, run along the canal in Spain and slowly build up the distance. The weather affects my motivation a lot and I'm definitely a fair weather runner, so keep your fingers crossed for lots of sunny days over the next few months!

To make it all worth the pain, I've decided to raise money for the Brodie Ward at Aberdeen's Royal Cornhill Hospital. I hope it helps to support patients on the ward, improve facilities, provide activities and try to make a difference to local people struggling with their mental health.
If you can, please donate here on my Just Giving page - every little helps!

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  1. If you can get through tough mudder, you can most certainly ace a half marathon! I promise! :)
    Sounds like a good list, I hate races that have massive travel times, It really puts me off!