The Cult of Coffee, Aberdeen

Give me a bag of Revels, and I'll hunt out the coffee flavoured chocolates. Pour me a cup of joe however, and it's a big fat no from me! I've written before about how I'm not all that keen on coffee, but there's a new kid on the block trying to convince me otherwise.

The Cult of Coffee opened just last month on Aberdeen's Esslemont Avenue and pride themselves on two things - coffee, obviously, and cake. I can confirm both are up to scratch! If there's one coffee I do enjoy, it's a well made mocha and this Cult know exactly what they're doing.

Their interiors are on another level too! I love the mix of bright colour against monochrome tiles, with the neutral shades of wood furniture and brown leather. It's a Scandi lovers dream - lightbulbs and all! The café is the ideal place to set up office with your laptop (free wifi!), or just to warm up by the fire and watch the world go by.

When I first arrived, not knowing what to expect, I ordered my usual - green tea - and a delicious freshly baked fruit scone. As it was lunch time I was hoping to fill my belly, but they're sticking to what they do best with only cake and scones available. I'd like to see even just a soup of the day, for those seeking something more savoury.

As a small group of Aberdeen blogger pals, we lingered in the café for quite some time, chatting away and the lovely staff kindly treated us to some complimentary cake! Cult of Coffee's cake sliders are sure to develop something of a cult following themselves. It's a great way to sample each flavour if you can't make your mind up, and perfect for sharing. The gluten free banana toffee cake was my winner!

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  1. Like you I love coffee flavoured things and I love the smell of it too but to drink it....yuk!! Those cakes look really good, I bet you lot demolished them in no time :)! Hopefully catch up with you at the next meet up? xx

    Denise | The Life of Dee