A Month in my Shoes: April 2017


What training? April was a disaster fitness wise. Between holidays, funerals, meetings in Glasgow and just generally feeling CBA, I've hardly been to the gym. I did stick to my plan to run along the canal in Spain, but only twice and it turned out my planned route was only just over 4k. We have been walking more but I'm eating crap and feeling sluggish. I've lifted weights once since getting home from holiday and I'm starting to panic that Tough Mudder is next month.

End of April stats: 35.6% body fat, 6.9.6st muscle.  

Actual image of me on holiday.
(I'm kidding, obviously. We met this guy at the Cambo Estate!)


13 Reasons Why - If you haven't heard about this yet, you've clearly been living under a rock. The Netflix series about a girl who commits suicide, and then leaves a set of tapes to be heard by the 13 people she felt contributed to her death. It is addictive to watch and I like the fact that it's got people talking... but why is mental health never actually properly mentioned in the show? It does cover some serious and important topics, but some of it is also kinda petty. I don't know what I'm trying to say here. I liked the series but I feel there is more to be said.

Prison Break - Yes! It's back! The show ended back in 2009 but with its increasing popularity on Netflix, they've finally brought out season 5 and most of the main cast are back. We're only a couple of episodes in but I'm looking forward to seeing how the story pans out, what with Michael supposed to be dead and everything.


Lion by Saroo Brierley - I watched the film Lion at the start of the year, and bawled my eyes out from start to finish! The film is based on the real life story by Saroo, who unwittingly boarded a train as a child in India,  and ended up lost alone on the other side of the country, before being adopted and brought up in New Zealand. The book tells how it happened in Saroo's words, and how he tracked down his family in India years later using google earth! I'm not doing it justice here but if you're not into reading, at least watch the movie - you'll need some tissues!

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon - Anyone noticing a theme here? I fell in love with the TV series last month but season 3 isn't out til September! I couldn't wait that long to find out what happens so I've started reading the books. The story is pretty much the same with just a few tweaks here and there. There's no wolf attacks or Loch Ness monster sightings on the TV anyway! They're big books, and I've only just finished the first one so it's going to take me a while to get to the third, but I'm working on it!

Listening To

Amy Macdonald & Newton Faulkner - For Christmas I bought Gordon and Laura tickets to see these guys at the Beach Ballroom this April. I'm glad I did - I was blown away by both performances! Newton Faulkner is a man of many musical talents but his Bohemian Rhapsody finale was on another level! As for Amy Macdonald, you could practically feel every note around the ballroom - what a voice. Lets Start a Band must be the most fun song for a band to perform together!

Food for Fitness - A podcast by Aberdeen nutritionist Scott Baptie. I've been a fan for a while now but I listened to Scott's interview with Clean Eating Alice while running in Spain, and it really stood out to me. It was a proper insight into the world of the insta famous star and changed my perception of Alice and her work completely. The rest of the podcast is full of inspiring interviews and helpful, realistic nutrition advice.

Where I've Been

It's been a busy month! We've had a few day trips around Scotland, including Dunnottar Castle, a nostalgic stroll around the Cambo Estate at Kingsbarns, a work meeting at Celtic Park in Glasgow, discovering Aberdeen's Cult of Coffee and Dundee's Avery & Co (which is a good shout for vegans!) with family. I wish we hadn't had to spend Good Friday in Kirkcaldy, but I guess that's just life - Laura sums it up far more articulately than I ever could in her own monthly post. Our A-Z dating saw us spend the afternoon getting boozy at North Hop, and of course we jetted off to sunny Spain for a week of sangria and sunburn!

How was April for you?

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  1. Sounds like you have had a very busy month! I've only just started watching 13 Reasons Why & am on episode 3, it's been ok so far. So jealous you were in Spain, I'd love to go there and eat all the tapas :)

    Denise | The Life of Dee