Spain | A Day Trip to Alicante Castle

Alicante is one of the better known destinations on the Costa Blanca. It's home to one of the most used airports in the country and plays host to thousands of tourists every year. The city is an hour's drive, roughly, from our Spanish abode and I was determined to visit Castillo de Santa Barbara - Alicante's castle - on this trip.

Castillo de Santa Barbara - the castle towering over Alicante

We planned to hike up to the stunning castle that sits high above the city but first? Food! Arriving at lunch time with my belly rumbling, we went in search of somewhere to eat. After a little wonder through the busy streets we came across El Colmado.

Chicken dish at El Colmado
Burger and fries at el Colmado

A sophisticated, stylish bistro and wine bar specialising in traditional Mediterranean cuisine. As you can see we chose the least Spanish dishes on the menu! A hamburger in toasted bun for him, and a delicious chargrilled chicken dish with rice, almonds, raisins and korma sauce for myself.

Gordon climbing the steps to Alicante castle

And then we made our way towards the castle. It's a bit of a hike, but there are a few routes you can take. You can drive up the hill or even catch the elevator by the beach! We entered via Ereta Park and walked along the walls, up the huge steep steps looking over El Barrio de Santa Cruz - Alicante's old quarter. While it is steep, and the heat makes it feel harder, it's a pretty direct route so doesn't take too long.

Alicante castle

Castillo de Santa Barbara covers the entire summit of Mount Benacantil, which towers high above the city of Alicante itself, and can be seen from every direction. Likewise, the view from up there is impressive. The castle walls overlook the entire bay and we spotted a few landmarks down below as well - namely the Plaza de Toros, or bullring, which now plays host to concerts and sporting events.

Doorway at Santa barbara castle in Alicante
Looking down on the beachs of Alicante from the castle

Entry to Alicante castle is free, although the lift costs a few euros I believe, and you'll find a restaurant and toilet facilities within the Moorish fortress.

Archway at Santa Barbara castle
In the castle of Alicante
Soldier sculpture in Alicante castle

The history of the castle is told in the museum, and there are various signs to guide you. Although most of them are in Spanish and we struggled with translation!

View from the castle in Alicante
Gordon by a turret of Alicante castle
Looking out over the sea from the castle in Alicante

The view from the highest point of Castillo de Santa Barbara was beautiful. Just look at that turquoise water of the Med below! We spent an hour or so wondering, exploring, and even stopped to enjoy an ice cream with the view.

Plaza in Alicante
Basilica de Santa Maria in Alicante

Making our way back down the hill, we found ourselves at the back of the gothic style Basilica de Santa Maria. I wish we'd investigated more and seen the front of the extravagant church, but the beach was calling and we headed towards the waterfront instead.

The beach promenade in Alicante

A walk along the promenade in Alicante is a must! Palm trees line the wavy path, made up of 6.5 million marble tiles, which are a bit trippy to walk on. Try staying in a straight line while looking down at the ground!

Boats in the port of Alicante
Statue in the port of Alicante

Heading from the promenade towards the marina, we strolled along the port of Alicante. Bright white yachts gleam from the water and we picked out our favourites along the way (the one big enough for a cocktail bar on deck of course) and peered into the water at the fish swimming just below the surface. If you look closely you might just spot some swimming around the statue pictured above!

Santa Barbara castle towering over the marina in Alicante
Cocktails by the beach in Alicante

Eventually we reached the beach and, deciding I didn't want sand in my trainers (which I'd worn for walking up to the castle - I'm getting sensible in my old age!) we headed for the nearest seaside bar instead. As designated driver, Gordon ordered an embarrassingly flamboyant tropical smoothie, while I sipped on my ice cool strawberry daiquiri. Life doesn't get much better than this!

Street art in Alicante

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  1. I know I've already told you how much I love Alicante, but this has given me major holiday envy!

    I hope you had a lovely time xxxx